“It’s morning and this meditation will help you get ready for a happy and joyful day ahead. We will start by blowing all not-nice feelings out into space. You will then meet a silver angel who lives in the middle of the Earth. She will first help you to connect with a big beautiful crystal that lives in the middle of the Earth to help you feel calm and balanced. Then she will give you a gift: your very own special crystal egg that you can climb inside and feel safe.”


Note to parents:

This meditation is ideal for young kids up to the age of about 8 to help them to ground and protect in preparation for the day ahead. It is specifically beneficial for crystal children, rainbow and star children as the content helps to develop their imaginations while giving them tools to use for their own energetic protection. Specifically, the silver angel in the middle of the Earth is Archangel Sandalphon who helps them ground into the Earth’s Crystal Core, the 5D grid of the Earth. The crystal egg is a layer of high vibrational protection that goes around their entire energy fields, with the gold light from the Sun a gift from Archangel Metatron to seal them in a safe space.

Background Sound Track:

The beautiful background music has been composed by Katherine Jameson of VibroSound Healing and is titled “Base Chakra” in her Chakra Series. She has given special permission for Liz Findlay to use her track in this meditation across all platforms. This track is specifically for Safety, Grounding, Security, Warmth, Connection to Physicality, and Connection to Self. 


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