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Ultraviolet Angelic Fire-Solar Angelic Fire Transmission: Clearing and Healing the Pain Body.

This transmission is designed to…

This transmission is designed to clear and heal the pain body of this lifetime, any ancestral pain you are carrying along with any trauma bleeding through into your energy fields from any other lifetime.
When the pain bodies are cleared then we invite Solar Angels to open a new energy field, that of your bliss body, that can now be opened at this time of the ascending light of the Age of the Sixth Sun.

At this time of the opening of the Sirius Portal…

This track connects us to the intense light of the Great central Sun, Sirius.

More about this track…

This transmission was recorded during the time of the opening of the Sirius Portal July 10th.

Music by One Mind Body Soul, the track is entitled, 285Hz Christ Consciousness Healing Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones



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  1. As always Steve you gave a wonderful gift to us. I loved this transmission. Such a beautiful, cleansing and peaceful transmission. At the end I felt like a bright light of smiling “giggles”. So happy!!! So Hopeful!!! So innocent!! So Pure and almost childlike!!! Thank you with every cell of my being. Love & Light to you!!! Blessings!!!

    1. Thank you so very much Steve!! I simply love all of your beautiful healing meditations!! I am a huge fan of you and your incredible work!! I am so very Grateful for You! Sending you so much Love and Blessings!! ❤️

  2. Thank you for this. I am very much embracing my bliss body right now. Love and blessings to you Steve x

  3. Thank you so I much!! I love your meditations, but love the music sound track.could listen for hours.
    Is there any I could get ?
    Many blessings.

  4. So very grateful beyond measure for all your amazing & powerful meditations.. I’m completely beside myself in developing this new bliss body and so empowered in healing and learning the new & wonderful ways in which to be on & in this earth plane with all of your content which I’ve only just begun to delve into. I’m sending golden light & love blessings your way.⚡️✨

  5. Yesterday I did this powerful session a couple times and woke today, the first time in ages I might add, without pain I still have things to deal with but wow so much gratitude for the ultraviolet fire angels, all the archangels and Steve for all your incredible guidance love & blessings.. mind blown welcoming in the bliss body.♥️

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