“It’s your bedtime and in this meditation, you will be given your very own bag of purple silver sparkles to get your bedroom ready. These are very special purple silver sparkles that clean out all the horrible energy. This helps to make your bedroom feel calm and safe so you can relax. You will also meet your own special angel who will hold your hand and join you on all adventures in your dreams.”


Note to parents:

This meditation is ideal for young kids up to the age of about 8 to help them gently relax and drift off to sleep. The content helps to develop their imaginations while giving them tools to use for their own energetic protection. Specifically, the purple silver sparkles are infused with the deep cleansing energy of Ultra Violet Fire, while the gold paint and gold sparkles are infused with the protective high vibe energy of the Gold Light that Archangel Metatron brings from the Great Central Sun.

Background sound track:

Liz Findlay holds the commercial licences for both background tracks used (Track “26” by Strings Media Productions and “Crickets and Nature sounds at night” by Anfasahmed)


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