Negative projection of energy is the most common form of psychic attack in the developed world. This form of psychic attack is largely unconscious and the sender does not realise they are actually harming you. (In countries that have a long tradition of shamanism and working with energy then conscious psychic attack or black magic is more common.)

In this meditation, you will be asked to bring to mind someone, or a specific group, you are having a challenge with, someone or a group who might be sending you a negative projection of energy such as fear, anger, jealousy or even hatred. There will be space to release their energy and seal your aura. Then the shield of crystals and roses is created to the front, then to the back and finally to the sides and above your head.

This shield will last for one day, perhaps more depending on the intensity of the projections being sent. Once a day make it a practice to create a brand new one from the universe and to release the old shield.

Music by Sefy Tofan (Anima Mundi) and the track is called Under the Ground.


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