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Ascension News: Creating Holy Angelic Ritual Space.

A large part of my work with Starseeds is in assisting them in creating Holy Angelic Ritual Space.

There has been a shift in the work recently that I need to tell you about that is relevant to this subject. Before I get into that please note that sacred space is somewhere where we separate from the daily chores of our everyday life in order to connect with the light and Infinite Intelligence within and also with the light and Infinite Intelligence in others and in the Universe around us. We can find sacred space by visiting holy or magical places in the world such as Mount Shasta in the US and Avebury in the UK. There are many holy and magical places found all over the world that hold a special energy that assists in meditation and achieving certain states of consciousness.

Yet, we do not have to travel long distances to find sacred space, we can create sacred space in our homes or in a local spot in nature. If you are creating sacred space in your home then this is a place that you dedicate to silence and meditation. You can fill this space with spiritual symbols, plants, and anything that uplifts and soothes your spirit. You can even create a sacred altar in this space where you can burn incense or light a candle. The important thing about this space is that you imbue it with your energy while in meditation. In this space you might even call angelic light into the walls, floor, ceiling, door, windows and all objects and furnishings. In this way you invite a higher light into the space to protect it from outside lower energies. In my meditations and transmissions I include calling angelic light into the space to protect the space. My meditations and transmissions are intended to create sacred space not only in a dedicated space in your home but also to create a sacred space in your energy field so that you can take this space wherever you go….. ”


Sacred space is created by calling your Team in Spirit.

This team is comprised of your Higher Self which you could also call your Super Conscious Self. This is the part of you that knows the reasons and purposes behind this incarnation. This part of you is aware of the lessons and challenges you chose to face. And also the gifts you have chosen to awaken. It is aware of your soul mission in this lifetime. This part of you is available to guide you and this can only happen to the degree that you engage in some form of meaningful spiritual practice. Another part of your Team is your Monadic Self, your OverSoul. This is the highest aspect of your being, this part of you could be considered a drop in the ocean of the All That Is. Your journey is to reconnect with this aspect and your Higher Self is there to help in this reconnection. Your Higher Self could be called the rainbow Bridge that leads to your OverSoul. Other parts of your team are all helpers and guides, angels and archangels, Star Beings and Star Councils that you have a connection with. Also, you have specialist teams in Spirit such as ascension teams and healing teams. There are many teams that can work with you depending on your soul mission. Each meditation and transmission create sacred space by calling six archangels. First we call the four archangels of the horizontal plane. Each angel is summoned using a visual que which is a dedicated symbol. This symbol sends a message to your unconscious mind to do something, in this case call the angel to you.

The Six Archangels.

So, back to the archangels. The first one we call is Raphael, archangel of the east, the place of the rising sun. This is the archangel of air, of the mind, this angel is the archetypal healer/magician. In every transmission I have used the symbol of the caduceus to call this angel. PLEASE NOTE there is a change in how I will be inviting this angel in future meditations and transmissions. From now on we will be using a NEW SYMBOL, one that I received a few days ago in meditation. This new symbol is a crystal wand with two golden vines entwined and at the top of the crystal the vines hold a pine coned moldavite crystal. The energy of this angel is emerald-green fire.

The second angel of Michael, archangel of the south. This is the archangel of fire, angel of the will, this angel is the archetypal warrior/protector. The symbol of this angel is a sword of flaming blue light. The energy of this angel is electric blue fire.

The third is Gabriel, archangel of the west. This is the archangel of water, this angel works with the dreamtime and the emotions. This is the archetypal messenger angel. The symbol of this angel is a silver chalice or cup. The energy of this angel is diamond-white fire.

The fourth angel is Uriel, archangel of the north. This is the archangel of earth, and this angel works with various structures on the earth-plane (such as the body and also more abstract structures such as business and money). The symbol of this angel is a golden pentacle. The energy of this angel is ruby-red fire. That completes the angels holding the horizontal plane.

Next we call the two archangels holding the vertical plane, Metatron and Sandalphon. Metatron is the archangel of the Great Central Sun and as such is the highest frequency angel we can work with. (Yes, there are higher frequency angels but we are not ready to work with those as they may blow some of our human energetic circuits at our present stage in the ascension process.) The symbol for this angel is a golden infinity sign (although I do not often use symbols when calling the vertical force angels. I am not totally sure why, other than I am told they are not as important to use as the horizontal angelic symbols.) Metatron holds the frequency of the Christ Grid or as some call it the Ascension Grid. This grid is invited down into our space coming through the stargate of our sun into our physical space. This grid is usually invited down into the heart chakra. Sandalphon is the angel holding the diamond-white crystalline grid of the earth, this is the new grid that is replacing the old karmic grid of the earth. This grid is invited up into the space to ground all energies in our field. This grid is usually then invited up into the heart.

These six angels plus your Team in Spirit are essential guides and helpers in the ascension process. You may feel a special connection with one or two of these angels, that is quite normal. If this is the case imagine calling all the angels yourself and then ask permission to merge with angel you feel an especially strong connection. If you get permission turn your back to the angel and step back and merge with this angel’s energy field and then just enjoy the connection. I might offer this as a future transmission.

These angels and your Team in Spirit help to keep your energy and inner channel at a high frequency and thus clear from lower interference. And in this time of ascension where dark and light are clashing there is a lot of interference. For this reason I have created a number of different tracks to help deal with different challenges.

My Work and Mission…

is to assist Starseeds in these intense and volatile times. Please use your intuition when choosing any of the tracks on this channel. I have created a number of playlists which I hope will also help guide you.

Music by…

Sefy Tofan – Raising Energy (Anima Mundi – SoundStripe).


Much love, Steve

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  1. Dear Steve,
    You have no idea how much you have helped me, you are an Angel yourself!
    Thank you!

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