In this meditation, Michael and Metatron create a sphere of light calling on energies from great the Central Sun along with electric blue angelic fire.

Into this fire you are invited to release all lower energies coming from the mass media. We ask for a release of all disinformation, misinformation, opinion, judgement, anxiety, fear and sexual manipulation from any media source whether that be TV, internet, films, documentaries, video clips, newspapers, or magazines.

In this meditation we include anything you have picked up from radio waves or any energy waves plus anything you have picked up from the energy fields and realities of others. Allowing for an outpouring of energy from any part of the physical, etheric, emotional or mental that holds any lower energy picked up from the mass media. As this happens this allows the higher vibration of truth to being to enter your energy fields and reality.

Music by…

Laurentiu Florea, Feel Good Binaural (17Hz Beta).



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