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Children of the Suns Transmission: Invoking Archangels from Three Suns

In this transmission we open a portal to a Temple of Light within the Stargate of our Sun. Here we meet Archangels and beings of light who hold a level of intensity of the Cosmic Christ Grid. We then meet Archangels and beings of light from the Central Sun of the Pleiades. We ask the intensity of the Cosmic Christ Grid to be increased. Finally, we call on archangels and beings of light from the Great Central Sun of Sirius.

We ask these beings to strengthen and increase the light coming you’re your nervous system to enable you to hold higher frequencies of light. We ask these beings to enhance and where necessary rebuild the meridian circuits and upgrade the chakras to accommodate more light. Upgrade chakras to accommodate more light. We ask to encode higher levels of truth in your incarnate being. We ask to strengthen the lines of love and life (lines connecting you to the OverSoul) connecting your energy field through the Antakarana – rainbow bridge of light.

We ask to download any energetic protection that you need in this volatile time, including protection that you are not even aware of that you need. We ask to include an upgrade to 5G and pharmaceutical protection. We ask to release any and all negative Alien AI and any Alien Hive Minds (please note that some ‘negative’ insectoid and humanoid-insectoid races operate through a hive mind – you can think of this akin to bees in a bee hive operating through a single unified mind rather than individuated consciousness.)

Finally, there is a transmission from the beings of light from the Three Suns into the cells and DNA. Opening the possibility to integrate new levels of awakening, truth, and awareness.

Music by…

Matías Romero Acuña – Deep Meditation Binaural Beat + Isochronic Tone

Design by Huw Mathias, (Graphic Designer).

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  1. This is a neat meditation. The colours I saw of each sun was the golden-white for our central sun, pale citrine yellow for the Pleiadian sun, and electric blue-turquoise for Sirian Sun. Every time I meditate, the room I am in is always the living room of the house I was raised in Ontario from 1959 – 1966. It isn’t even there anymore. There must be something there that I need. Always wondered why I am always there in my meditations.

  2. I thank you Steve from the depths of my heart for the all encompassing Beauty and deep sense of comfort that your meditation instilled in my being. Your abiding cintribution is indeed a great blessing for the earth and gor the ones who are ready to rise up in all tgeur glory. Thank you.

  3. What a deep transmission- over the years they just keep getting deeper and deeper. Such gratitude for your support, Steve. You are truly a gift to Starseeds and I am so grateful.

  4. Awesome transmission which allows more light to infiltrate our cells and body. I’ll be using this one frequently, as it totally aligns with the Myofascial Release healing therapy I have been led to as I awaken further. Beautiful and powerful!

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