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Free E-Book for Starseeds


This Free EBook explores the nature and role of Starseeds on the Earth at this time of Global Ascension.

Since you have landed on this page it is highly likely that you are a Starseed. What is a Starseed? Starseeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in higher dimensions. Some but not all Starseeds have had previous life times on earth. For those that have been here for some time these have been preparation lifetimes which included periods of acclimatisation to being a human being on Earth. These experiences were gained to help you in this lifetime acheive your place of service in the great awakening of the planet. Some of these were challenging and there may be experiences that need to be released from your Akashic Records (please check the Soul Matrix Healing page).

Starseeds have evolved to a point of physical and spiritual maturity, which compels them to compassionately reach their hands out to any beings in the universe who call for help. At this moment, planet Earth is going through a shift and needs much help. That is why the Starseed wanderers are among us. They are here to help us raise our vibrations and those of the Earth so that our long prophesied shift can take place.

Earth represents a place of service more than a place of learning for you because Starseeds have already achieved states of higher consciousness elsewhere. However, the density of 3D earth causes most Starseeds to fall asleep and forget who they are and why they are here. Now it is time to wake up to the amazing light that you are. OK saying that here are some of the topics covered in this free Ebook:

  • You are a multidimensional spiritual being,
  • You have experienced many worlds/dimensions of existence,
  • You are a high frequency being of light,
  • Your true nature is love and unity consciousness,
  • You feel different because you are,
  • This 3D dimension is not your natural home,
  • You are here for a reason, a mission,
  • You are more resourceful than you know,
  • You are not alone, you are supported,
  • The world is going through a huge transition,
  • This transition involves a massive 5D shift in consciousness.

For the Free Ebook just click the button below to download the PDF. If using a PC once open right click on the doc and ‘save as’ to your files. If using a Mac right press the Ctrl (or Control) key when you tap the mouse button. Next simply open the Ebook and read at your leisure. Doing it this way ensures a smoother read and enables the small number of links contained therein. If you wish to purchase on Amazon for a minimal price just select Amazon UK or USA.

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