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The Goddess Inanna Transmission: The Loss and Re-Emergence of the Divine Feminine


The Goddess Inanna…

Inanna is an ancient Goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, and power. Inanna was worshiped in Sumer at least as early as 4000 BC and she became one of the most widely venerated deities in the Sumerian pantheon with temples across Mesopotamia. She was also known as Ishtar by the Assyrians and Babylonians. She later was worshiped later as the Phoenician Goddess Astarte and later still was worshiped as the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Inanna’s most famous myth concerns Her descent into and return from the Sumerian Underworld.

Loss and Re-Emergence…

The myth of Inanna outlines the loss and re-emergence of the goddess across the planet. She leaves through seven gates and at each gate she is asked to surrender a piece of clothing or jewellery. This journey into the underworld represents the gradual loss of Divine Feminine gifts and qualities to humanity. After a period of absence, she is allowed to return and She returns through seven gates and at each She reclaims her clothes and jewellery.

The Seven Gates…

This remastered transmission (originally created October 2018 and recreated February 2024) is designed to heal the loss of the Divine Feminine across the planet. It also is an opening to Her return.

The First Gate opened in the 60’s. A time of Flower Power and love. There arose a wave of feminist activity. Many spiritual teachers and channels emerged.
The Second Gate was in the 90’s where many started to awaken and shift into 4d. More pioneering teachers and healers emerged. Also, the Internet emerged.
The Third Gate was just before 2012, this was a major gateway for humanity. Many here many woke up and realised the nature of ascension and role of Starseeds.
The Fourth Gate opened between 2014-20, a time many Starseeds began to awaken to the antics, deception, manipulation of Lower Dark Forces on the planet. 
The Fifth Gate continues to open 2020-25 where many in the human collective are waking up through certain revelations rather than spiritual practice. This gateway is major shift in the collective consciousness away from darkness. 
The Sixth Gate is due to open around 2030-32. At this point there is another very important planetary shift away from the leadership and rule of Darkness into a greater alignment across the planet to the light. 
The Seventh Gate is due to open around 2050.

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  1. I felt very heavy going thru this. i felt very deep in emotional releasing but very light at the end of the medetaion . shall drink plenty of water rest of day feels like i`m already there

  2. Dear Steve, I love Your Transmissions and some, I choose imbue me very deeply. I thank You so much for Your beautiful giving in the World!!!
    Though, isn’t it precious time to bring into Your invocation the feminine Angels? Maybe, even the masculine Angels are missing them aside! For me it will be another wave to bring Goddess on Earth.
    aloha sigrid


  4. I like the track but would love the just music parts to be totally cut out to make it shorter. Thank you for sharing your gift

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