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Ascension News: The Magical Power of Stories

This Ascension News explores the nature of our Personal Stories upon our Reality. This track ends with Three Exercises to transform your Personal Stories.

“Starseeds are pioneers in consciousness, they are way showers, magicians, creators and co-creators of reality. One way Starseeds manifest is through stories. Not just any story, they weave around them a joyful, loving, magical story that allows, attracts and creates magic all around them……”

One trait that all humans share is a love of stories. Actually, we are all storytellers as well as story receivers. Stories help us make meanings around the events of our lives. Stories help create a sense of belonging, to a family, a culture or some other group. Humanity has been telling stories for countless generations. Tribal stories were retold as a way of shaping collective identity and tribal belonging.

Humans in the modern world do not as a rule sit around campfires telling tribal stories of belonging and meaning. Most stories that men and women live by could be called ego-stories or coping stories. These stories are not magical, they are fearful or anxiety creating stories.

They speak about what we can expect or not expect in our day. How much love, abundance, joy or lack of it. How much conflict, stress and unhappiness. Men and women are making up stories all of the time. The more a story is repeated and emotionally reinforced the more someone will be convinced of the truth and solidity of that story.

Nowadays, we are bombarded with different kinds of stories. Stories are presented through a range of different mediums and channels. There are so many channels these days where we can find news stories. We are now able to see and listen to cultural stories from around the world by simply having a good internet connection. This gives the impression that there is a great freedom in the Western world when it comes to knowing what is really going on around us.

However, since fact checking and censorship are now becoming an increasing feature of Western news outlets, how broad and true are the news stories we are receiving? We could be tempted into thinking that different journalists are coming up with similar perspectives meaning those stories must be true. Heaven forbid that they are just reading a script handed to down them by some higher authority seeking to control all the important narratives being put into the public domain.

OK, let’s go to the beginning of our story which is our birth. In our family of birth we are receiving stories all the time. These stories may be hopeful or hopeless, inspiring, or depressing, expansive or contracting, empowering, or disempowering.

Family stories do not begin with our parents, they can be much older. We can inherit ancestral stories that contain the summation of experiences and wisdom handed down by those that went before us. The challenge for these stories is they do not often help us navigate the modern world. Perhaps we have an ancestral story that more or less says, stay safe, avoid taking too much risk and having too much wealth is dangerous since others will seek to cheat us or steal from us. Ancestral stories may contain elements of heartbreak, betrayal, sudden reversals of fortune and so on. The dominant unresolved patterns within these stories are the ones that tend to be passed down through the generations for some form of healing and resolution.

Since we are multidimensional beings and this is just one lifetime amongst many, we inherit stories from other lifetimes. Some of those stories will be expansive and will speak of our great resourcefulness and gifts. Some stories may be stressful and traumatic and make us feel fearful or cautious when they are triggered. Imagine for a moment you have been killed in some lifetime for speaking or acting on your truth. Then in this lifetime you come to a spiritual choice point where you feel you want to align with the truth of your being. This creates a certain internal tension as one part of you wants to awaken and another part wants to stay safe and not replay any trauma that happened in some other lifetime.

In terms of ascension and spiritually waking up, we start to become aware of a whole range of stories within us that seek to encourage or limit our light. When we wake up from the sleepiness of this 3D world then we realise, that although we live in a dimension with certain laws about time, our true point of power is always the present moment. What we call the past is just a bunch energy we call memories which are held in the physical body and also in our emotional and mental energy fields. Similarly, the future is just a stream of probabilities that we have not yet experienced in the present moment. Our relationship with the past and with the future can be re-negotiated from the present moment. We are not a victim of the past and we are not locked into any predestined future. In each and every moment we create our reality.

Our past does not determine our present or our future. Let us take the example of someone who has a belief that life is fundamentally not fair. This belief becomes a sort of lens through which the past is views. This focus will encourage the unconscious mind to sort through all past experiences to find instances of where life could be considered as unfair. There maybe memories that could be framed this way even though through the eyes of another that does not hold this belief, a very different memory of events would be presented.

Such a strongly held belief in the unfairness of life will also place a lens in everyday life. Perhaps this person will be drawn to reading articles in the newspaper or the internet that reinforces up this belief. Such a strongly held belief will encourage the unconscious mind to either ignore any evidence that runs counter to the belief or it encourage the unconscious mind to reframe any experience or evidence so that it fits the current narrative.

An example of how we might reframe data to fit an existing story comes from a story about a psychiatrist who had a patient that firmly believed he was a zombie. I am not sure if the story is true, though it was told as if it were true. In the story, at a certain point the psychiatrist asked the patient if zombies bleed. The patient replied, “Of course not, they are the living dead.” Then the psychiatrist took a needle and pricked the finger of the patient. The patient’s finger formed a droplet of blood. The patient looked at his finger and then exclaimed, “I was wrong…… zombies do bleed!”

Where there is a strongly held belief then new data that goes against the truth of the existing story is altered to fit into the existing story. This happens all the time. When enough people do this then truth is altered. Take the example of 911, there was so much data that did not fit the existing narrative. One way of dealing with this was to call anyone who did not believe in the narrative a conspiracy theorist. This was meant to encourage the collective to buy into the mainstream narrative even though it did not completely make sense. To a large extent the same kind of thing is happening now in the current global crisis.

We are not at the mercy of any story or firmly held belief. Awareness is curative and with awareness comes the choice to change our minds and adopt a new story or belief. For instance, take a person growing up in a family where there was little happiness or joy. The surrounding family or guardians focused much of their energy and time on complaining and blaming. This person may have adopted the belief that life is fundamentally miserable and full of suffering. A person growing up with such a strongly held story will look out on the world and see a world of misery. Let’s wind the clock forward and even though this person has lived his or her life this way for many years perhaps slowly or suddenly they become aware that they have been living life through a very limiting story. They somehow realise that misery is not the inherent nature of reality rather something they have believed because of their formative years. They understand that this story or belief is a set of filters over reality that can be removed. They start working on affirmations and meditation and though it feels strange at first, gradually they feel more at ease with trying on a new set of tinted glasses through which to see the world. Now, instead of being drawn to misery they start noticing people having fun, and that there are things to feel grateful for in life. As this happens they are even able to scan their memories to find instances of joy.

Stories have a power, a power to uplift or a power to bring down the vibration. Once a limiting story is understood to be just that, a story then it can be changed. When we change our minds we literally begin to see the world with new eyes. Once a limiting story is changed then even difficult past experiences can be seen and evaluated in a fresh light. Happier memories may come to the surface, ones that could not previously be found because the unconscious mind was not looking for them.

The thoughts we habitually think and the feelings we habitually feel are shaped and contained by the stories we believe to be true. These habitual thoughts and feelings shape our reality in the present and invite people and circumstances to step into our reality in future time. We could say that the thoughts and feelings we dwell on are what determine to a large extent our experience of life. We could also say the circumstances we find ourselves in are reflections of our most persistent thoughts and feelings and stories.

We can always stop telling our sad stories. In the film Jerry Maguire played by Tom Cruise goes out to lunch with his employee Dorothy played by Renee Zellweger. They’re just colleagues, but Dorothy is harbouring a serious crush. They begin to discuss their personal lives, and Jerry begins to recall his most recent romantic failure. At this point Dorothy leans in and says, “Jerry? Let’s not tell our sad stories.” It was such a brilliant moment in the film and that line stayed with me ever since.

Stories and beliefs even influence and to some extent can cause physical discomfort and illness. For instance a person may have a strongly held story about the virtues of working hard. This impulse might have resulted through a demanding parent that impressed upon the child such a drive. It could also have its roots in some religious story held by the bloodlines that still reverberate in the family field. The present reality will then reflect the need to work hard, the drive to make ends meet, the pressure of deadlines to be reached or perhaps the importance of pleasing others through performance. Any natural desire to rest, recharge and have fun will run secondary to the main story. Over time this may cause some physical distress that will grow over time.

Let’s add another element to this example. Imagine this person who believes in hard work had a difficult relationship with one or both parents. Imagine this was so difficult at times that they felt anger and hate at different times towards one or both parents. They also grew up with the message that it was wrong to feel that way. So, on the one hand there are strongly held feelings and these were repressed because of the idea that it is wrong to express those feelings. Though hidden, these feelings have not found resolution. are still there and they may surface in other ways that do not seem linked to the original cause. These feelings remain in the body creating a certain dynamic tension that again manifests as some other physical discomfort or even dis-ease. That is until the original cause is uncovered and dealt with.

Starseeds are born into 3D density and can take on limiting stories from the 3D collective. Since Starseeds are so sensitive this can hamper their ability to live a blessed life until these stories are transformed or released.  

I want to emphasise again everything can be transformed, healed and cleared in the present. Starseeds especially have this ability as they begin to awaken. Whatever the origins of any limiting story or strong set of beliefs, awareness is curative and just becoming aware of the true origins is the first step in allowing greater freedom in the present moment. We are all storytellers and so it is important to become aware of the stories we are living within.

One very important healing tool when it comes to transforming stories is the imagination. Imagination is important because it is a gateway to speaking with our unconscious mind. There are many other benefits in working with the creative imagination, for instance athletes and actors use the creative imagination to pretrain their bodies and minds for upcoming events. But for now we will do three exercises aimed at uncovering hidden stories and beliefs.

Exercise One. Think of an area of life you have a difficulty with. Perhaps money or work or relationships. Write out all your thoughts and feelings about this area in a journal. Censor nothing. Let it all out. When you have finished put it away. In a few days reread what you have written. As far as possible imagine that you are reading the ideas and opinions of someone else and your job is to uncover, what does this person believe about this area of their life. You are evaluating it in three ways: what they believe is possible/impossible to achieve in this area, what they believe they are capable/incapable of achieving, whether they feel worthy/unworthy (or we could also say deserving/undeserving) in this area. 

Exercise Two. What book, play or film have you been drawn to over and over again? Perhaps a book you have read many times or a film you have watched over and over. What is the main theme of this story? Heartbreak. Betrayal. Redemption through struggle. Perhaps that of light versus dark. Who are the main characters you sympathise with? Who are the ones that repel you? This story points to an aspect of your life story. This story points to an aspect of your life story. What would you change about this story if you could?

Exercise Three. If you imagine for a moment one area of your life could be represented by a landscape. That landscape can be anything from a meadow, forest, jungle, mountainous region, near the sea, desert and so on. Just close your eyes and ask your imagination to present you with a landscape that represents one area of your life and see what appears. Do not try and visualise this landscape just allow it to be presented to you. How does the landscape look or feel? How happy or peaceful do you feel here? Imagine going into this landscape and exploring it. You can imagine cleaning it up and changing it in places. Imagine transforming this landscape into something more expansive, elegant, abundant, loving.

There are a number of meditation tracks and other tracks on my channel that are designed to help neutralise, clear and reverse limiting stories. For instance, the many affirmation tracks on this channel are very useful at working on limiting stories. There are tracks specifically designed to work on ancestral energies and also other lifetime energies touching you in this lifetime.


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  1. This is a staple resource for my workshops. A PLACE OF HER OWN uses art making to dig inside our beliefs, unraveling ancestral family stories so we can release them.
    This meditation and exercises is a miraculous gift for alumnae to practice over and over.
    Much much gratitude. It helps me feel supported and that I’m part of a larger team. I Am.

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