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Podcast: The Language of Nature.

In this podcast Andy explains his work with the innate Spirit of Nature. He reveals his journey of “Unlearning the noise” of the external world to embrace the gifts of his sensitivity. He also talks about the importance of trust and surrender and much more. Andy of Plantally works with individuals and groups connecting them to the innate healing Spirit within nature. Andy says that Nature speaks a language that goes back to the beginning of time. A language formed from the world within which we live, reflected by the elements, the seasons, the directions, and the senses.

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  1. I also agree that the most profound aspect of journeys with Nature lies in the knowing, the trusting. The desire for Big Bang visuals sometimes upstage this truth. Thank you Andy, Nature Boy, and Steve for hosting.

  2. Thanks for having me Steve, for providing platform for expression. For deeper insights into how people can experience this medicine, I’d recommend checking out the podcasts – or spotify: the language of nature.
    Until next time my friend. With love.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful work. The plant/animal/rock spirits of this world are truly on our side. Letting them lead our healing is so powerful to healing humanities bond with the Earth.

    Love and Light.


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