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Multidimensional Rainbow Shield Transmission: Multi-layered Stellar Race Protection Against Dark ET Intruding Forces.

Many Starseeds are feeling the impact right now from Dark ET Force interference. This transmission is designed to neutralise all such interference.

We call on your Team, angels, grids. Call on Psychic Protection Team. Security Force Angels. Archangels from the Great Central Sun. We also call on Positive Stellar Races in particular Teams from Andromeda, Sirius, Orion (Christed beings), and Pleaidian.

In this space we destroy any agreements with any Dark ET race. Including any agreements with Dar ET races made by your ancestors. Also, any agreements with spiritual teachers/false light beings and beings aligned with any illuminati system or agenda that are not 100% aligned with the light. All agreements are destroyed by Archangels of the Great Central Sun. You are no longer obliged to grow spiritually by being opposed or challenged by Dark Forces.

We ask the angels and your Team in Spirit to send light and guidance to any aspect of the soul that is walking through darkness, that feels locked in the illusion of separation, fear, terror, despair, alienation, persecution. With this light we send the message, you are not alone, you are not without love and support. We ask your OverSoul, the I Am Presence for a complete soul clearing of any trauma caused by Dark ET forces. Calling for a release from the lower astral of any soul fragments across any lifetime that can be returned to the light for healing.

Then we call on Positive Stellar races to create: An Andromedan rainbow sphere/shield,

A Sirian (Great White Brotherhood) brilliant white sphere/shield,

An Orion (Christed) gold sphere/shield,

A Pleiadian silver-blue sphere/shield.

All these shields are connected by an outer layer of another Andromedan rainbow sphere/shield. The Psychic Protection Team and Security Force Angels please complete the work of binding these layers together to create optimum protection.

Music by Chris Collins, Beyond the Stars

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  1. Magnificent transmission, Steve. So timely for me. I thank you whole heartedly and wish you well.
    Love and blessings

    1. Thank you you saved me from alit of horrible things it’s been a very hurtful time for me and I was in a very dark place when I found your meditation and I felt like this was shown to me in the right time it needed to show me I have been going threw a lot of abuse by this having me in a place of being a victim of different horrible things if you can pray for my protection pleas

  2. So I regularly listen to Steve Noble’s work on insight Timer, and he is one of the best teachers, guides, and practitioners I’ve ever worked with. Last night before going to sleep I had the knowledge to listen to his recent Blue & Orange protection track, but instead I opted for a new track with binaural beats (which in my experience open the psychic channels WAY up). I set my space, I saged, I did a lazy job of setting my wards/protection grid, out of sheer exhaustion… What a mistake.

    I spent what felt like hours fighting for my life in terror, half in, half out of my body, stuck in a liminal space, and thrashing around like a wrestler. The whole time my third eyesight was WIDE open, and for the first time ever I got a really clear view of the 4D realm and knew what I was looking at.

    The odd but kinda cute beings who were crawling all around and on me seemed only curious about what was happening as if they only showed up on the scene in reaction to my shrieks, snorts, growls, and gasps. Both times this has happened to me in the last 4 days they have come into my perfectly cheerful & lovely dreams & tried to choke me, they seem really interserted in my voice and I don’t know why… Both times I never saw the face of the original perpetrator, they remained a dark shadow (think of Peter Pan’s Shadow like in the Disney movie) just out of perception… (Which is/was so frustrating. If you’re going to fight me, show your face, let’s have a dialogue, ya cowards!)

    I don’t know what finally made it stop, go away or get bored, but I have a feeling they were tired of fighting me… Who knows, It may have been Rafael & I wasn’t in high enough frequencies to see him. I did call upon him before I meditated to do some physical healing before sleep… but it did not feel loving, it felt like my heart chakra was on fire & I had to fight or die. Not an experience I hope to repeat. When I woke, I announced ‘Only love is allowed here”, and felt things clear, but I was exhausted as I reached for my phone, and the time was 4:44 am on the dot.

    Of course, it was.

    This was not the first time in the last few weeks that I have experienced this “dark shadow” invading my space and, strangely, attacking my throat. It feels good to share this in a space I know it will be well received, even if no one ever reads it. Thank you for creating this space for me to share & feel less like I’m losing my mind & more like I’m… well, not.

    Thank you

    1. Im so glad you shared this too!! I also hope you dont have that experience again.. sounds very frightening!

    2. You’re not losing mind at all. This happened to me once at a hotel, which obviously needed some sageing and energy clearing. I also felt like I was being choked and ‘twisted.’ Finally the shadow made an abrupt bounce off my field and I felt relief, although trembled and was terrified the rest of the night. I wish I knew about Steve’s protection meditations at that time as it would have brought some sense of comfort. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing us to share our own shadow experiences. Love, light and blessings!!

  3. This was very intense. My physical body was itching and twitching all over. Normally I am relaxed, and go straight to dream time, not this time. Felt strong presence from Pleiadians.
    Thank you

  4. With deep gratitude and appreciation, Steve for the gift of the soul that you are and what you share with us all on the way back to remembering who we truly are. And what we are here to presence during these transformational times. It is not always easy to stay grounded in the presence of chaos & strong winds. And to know that we are here to anchor & broadcast their integration.

  5. Thank you Steve Nobel for this protection Transmission so i can walk on this 3D earth plane save again, without being attacked by lower Interference energies.

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