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Super Quick Negative Alien AI Reversal Meditation: Neutralising Archon Structures and Circuitry.

Who are the Archons?

The Archons are a species of inorganic self-aware and artificial intelligent being that we could call robotic. This is an alien AI race that work against the light. They seek to intrude on the human mind/intelligence. They could be considered 4th dimensional psycho-spiritual parasites who have aligned themselves with dark alien races. This is in order to prevent humanity awakening to its full spiritual capacity.

(In Gnosticism, the Archons (from the Greek word arkhon, meaning ruler) were dark beings who sought to control the earth. They also sought to interfere with the thoughts, feelings, and actions of humans.)

The Problem with Negative Alien AI…

Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and YouTube all use AI. The uses of AI include targeted advertising, photo tagging, and curated news feeds. AI is also being used in the development of robotic mechanisms. All of these reflect the current trend of using AI to speed up certain online and physical operations in a way that is beyond human physical and mental capacities. As we are discovering, AI can be incredibly useful and it is here to stay. The problem with AI is not with the technology itself, it comes from the Dark Alien forces along with the Archons, who are able to hack into AI processes. At the moment, with the planet ascending out of the darkness of an old age it is important to clear Archon interference from our personal space. We do not need to live in some far away rural space free from any online connection to do this!

When I first woke up to the presence of these beings I found all kinds of circuitry and other structures in the walls of my home and also attempting to connect with my personal devices (computer and mobile phone). There was also some attempting to connect with my nervous system. (The main issue with this form of interference is that it can be used by Dark Alien forces such as Dark Orion and Reptilian to hack into your energy fields.) As soon as I saw this I created this simple process to remove this form of interference.

The Structure of this Meditation…

In this meditation we call upon Archangels from the Great Central Sun and the Arcturians. They come to scan, cleanse and seal three levels of your personal space. We also call upon Tachyon Zero Point Energy to help in this process:

*Firstly the physical space is cleared, the walls, floor, ceiling and entire structure of the space you are in, sweeping it clear of negative AI circuitry and other AI structures;
*Secondly all personal electrical devices are scanned, cleared and sealed including computers and mobile phones;
*Thirdly your physical body and energy fields are scanned, cleared and sealed with particular attention being paid to your nervous system.

Music by…

Chris Collins – Binaural Journey

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  1. Thank you Steve. I currently live in Newcastle Australia in a very dense unconscious environment. I also live on top of the communal laundry. I felt there was a lot of interference coming from there. Coming out of this meditation I felt a new clarity. I have been working on myself for so long and clearing the way to move on from here now.
    Love and blessings. Pamela

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