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Podcast: 7D Golden Whales.

This interview includes a meditation to meet the 7D Golden Whales.

Melanie O’Halloran-Gomes (White Feathers Woman) was born in Co. Down, Northern Ireland and trained and worked as a marine conservation ecologist for around 20 years. Melanie studied and taught Reiki as well as Seichim for many years and was then led to shamanism which transformed and healed so much of her life. Melanie also trained and now teaches Rahanni Celestial Healing.

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  1. Thank you. This was beautiful. The Golden Whales are sacred and are the highest Christ Consciiusness which holds the Golden Ray. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merging as One. Anch
    oring in the New Golden Age in the New Earth. I have worked intensely in last few weeks with tge elephants who hold the energy with the whales, and t
    he White Christed Lions from Sirius and lions.
    We have now stepped into intercinnectedness and multi dimensiinality.
    Thank you both.
    Love and Blessings

    1. Wow Judith thank you so much! Am so grateful for that reply thank you so much you do such amazing work and it is the work with the White Flame of Illumination that I have been doing with you that I feel has helped me connect with these beings. Forever grateful All my love Melanie xxxx

  2. I am very much a novice to this amazing insight and ability that you and Steve have. Please accept my Gratitude and Love for your energies. Arohanui.

  3. I just finished the meditation, loved it!! Since my awakening I felt connected to whales and their communication (sounds), this meditation was beautiful!!

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