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Ascension News: New 5D Game Rules.

5D Spiritual Laws and Ascension…..

There are New 5D game rules emerging in this ascending world. Not everyone is aware of these new game rules. Actually the majority of the natives of this planet are completely unaware of them. If you told a native of this planet about these new rules they may think you have taken leave of your senses. These game rules allow for a more joyful and freeing experience on the planet.

Structures of Limitation…

Yet, there are structures of restriction that will not allow these new rules to come into play. Perhaps you are in a family that will not allow these new game rules. Perhaps you are working in a corporate business that wants to play by an old set of rules. Perhaps you are living in a culture that forbids these new game rules. Such relational structures will either allow and generate a sense of equality, freedom, creative expression, joy, flow, and opportunity. Or they will tend to restrict them. If you are in a restrictive structure that will inhibit you playing by these new games rules then it might be an idea to re-evaluate your relationship with that structure.

Change the Game You Are Playing…

You could become a covert operator meaning you stay in the structure but hide the fact that you are playing by new rules. This may work for a time. You could become a completely visible player which might mean you lose a few friends. Of, course in time you are very likely to gain new friends, ones who are also playing the same new game. So, let us take a look at these new game rules.

What are the New 5D Game Rules?

The Law of Cycles – Know that everything has its time and this includes the awakening of collective consciousness on the planet. These cycles of time have been read by the wise and there are many prophecies concerning this time we are in

The Law of Growth – It is important to realise you are Spirit in a body exploring this dimension of earth. This is one of many lifetimes and the prime directive of your soul is growth. This means that you learn through different realms of form and experience.

The Law of Vibration – Everything is governed by vibration. The higher the vibration you radiate day-to-day, the easier it will be for you to manifest a joyful reality.

The Law of Consciousness – Your consciousness is not one complete sphere of activity. There are four layers which could be called your unconscious, subconscious, conscious and superconscious.

The Law of Balance – Everything in this Universe operates in a dynamic tension with its antonymous opposite, meaning they are complementary and cannot exist without each other.

The Law of Guidance – Become open to the guidance of their Higher Self. Challenges that assist you along your path are allowed at a soul level, until you no longer need them to grow.

The Law of Manifestation – The more your conscious mind focuses on problems, the more problems will seem to arise in your reality.

The Law of Action – You reap what you sow, what goes around comes around, what you offer to the world will return to you manyfold.

The Law of Miracles – This law does not operate for the un-awakened, unless it is activated through group prayer. You are a walking miracle!

The Law of Resistance – Know that resistance is part of being alive in this dimension of reality, it is normal.

The Law of Release – Nature abhors a vacuum. As you release something that does not serve you, something of a lower vibration, you then create the space for something of a higher vibration to enter.

The Law of Service – When a soul has reached a certain point of evolution, then the law of service becomes a prime motivator.

You Always Have a Choice…

Knowing these 5D Spiritual Laws and Ascension means you have a choice at to whether you want to be a covert player or a completely visible one! These game rules can be found in my latest book The Spiritual Entrepreneur which is available on Amazon as a physical book or on Kindle.

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