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Energetic Bank Account Clearing Meditation: Cleanse, Expand and Uplift Your Abundance Potential.

In This Energetic Bank Account Clearing Meditation…

In this meditation we call one financial/banking platform that you have a connection with. (This could be a regular or online bank, PayPal, Crypto Currency etc.) It does not matter how many accounts you have in this platform but just one platform at a time. We invoke in this Energetic Bank Account Clearing Meditation this platform as energy and we will be clearing all interference, agreements, lower energies and beings from this platform and your connection to it.

We Call Your Team in Spirit….

As well as calling your Team in Spirit, we also call the Archangels holding the Horizontal and Vertical Force Planes and we also then call the Archangels of the Sun and Great Central Sun. Angels of Ultraviolet fire. Angels of Yellow-White Lotus and Angels of Golden Amber.

Clearing, Sealing and Uplifting Your Energetic Bank Account….

Invoking the sword of Micheal and Angels working with Michael cut or dissolve all cords attached to this energy field. We then begin to invoke Ultraviolet Fire and release what can be released.

The next step is grounding this energy field into the Crystalline Grid. A key step is clearing all psychic agreements you have with this energy space this is because they can potentially recreate problems.

We ask all the angels to assist you in expanding the and step into the energy field, allow it to open into a space, perhaps a room or a landscape. Notice how you feel about this space.

We call the powerful Angels of Ultraviolet Fire to clear the space and release all energies here that need releasing. When this is done then we release any beings that are here but do not belong here. Archangels of the Sun seal any obvious holes.

Then invite the energy of Golden Amber (Resin) to flood the space with a brilliant yellow-orange energy. Cleansing, uplifting and also grounding. Then invite in the energy of Yellow-White Lotus (Flower) to flood the space with an uplifting spiritual energy and both of these energies open the space to the natural energies of the sun and from the earth.

And Finally…

Finally, there is a dedication of this space to abundance and to your soul mission.

Music by..

Matías Romero Acuña (on behalf of IntuiSound Studio Granada, Spain) – 285Hz Christ Consciousness Healing Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones

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