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Super Quick Sirian Light Activation Meditation

“Sirians have incarnated on Earth from the time of its beginning. Many ascended masters and great minds come from a Sirian ancestral line. Most of the advanced technology found in ancient Egypt came from the Sirian and Orion beings that either visited or incarnated to assist a thriving new world. In the time after the cataclysm, their goal was to preserve knowledge from ancient Atlantis in several parts of the Earth, where it would be accessible for future generations to recover if we were to forget who we are, where we came from, and what our skills and abilities are.” – Activate Your Cosmic DNA by Eva Marquez

In this Sirian Light Activation Meditation…

You are invited to open to the rising light of Sirius as we approach the Lion’s Gate (8/8). Through the Christ/Ascension grid you can feel the light of Sirius as gently pulsing waves of blue light. You are invited to embrace this light into all layers of your energy fields, into the chakra system and into the physical body.

You are Held by Archangels and Masters of Light from Sirius….

In this Sirian Light Activation Meditaion, the beings guide this light firstly to seal your energy fields. Then this light is directed into the Third Eye, the Heart and then the Base chakras. Finally, this light is guided into the cells and DNA, sending a communication of light to the DNA. “It is time, the time of ascension is here. Time to wake up.” Sirian light into the DNA is sent so that you begin to remember your Starseed heritage. “Activating new strands, reassembling what needs to be reassembled at this time.”

This Track was Recorded…

In Brighton, UK on the 2nd August 2022.

Music by…

Rebecca Reads Recordings – Awake Gamma Wave.

12 Responses

  1. Thank you Steve for another beautiful meditation. Very much needed at this time. So calming and soothing with the blue light of Sirius. Love and blessings.

  2. I discovered you at just the right time. The Sirian Light Activation Meditation was amazing. I work a lot
    with Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel with those colours and it was good to add the vertical angels.
    Thank you so much. I will be forwarding your site onto my friends.

  3. i am just now knowing more about the lions gate.. thankyou so much for this mediation activation so i am allowing my self to open up receive more… i appreciate the time energy you are serving the 5d ascenscion much much love peace to you.. at this time on the earth.. from illinois u.s.

  4. Dear Steve, I so enjoyed this meditation! I always do but for me this was so special My love & blessings back to you.

  5. Merci, Steve. I received and welcomed the full impact of that transmission . I am so grateful to you for your devotion , commitment to helping all of us who resonate with Sirius, helping us to reconnect with the blue Light. The time is now, and you are a blessing in service to humanity. Thank you again.

  6. First time I was doing this, it lasted for a very long time. I know I was sitting for quite a bit in the energy after this very powerful meditation for me. But I was still surprised it wasn’t longer anyway when I saw the time.
    Thank you, thank you, really powerful and very transcending for me.

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