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Cellular Regeneration Meditation: The Light of Immortality.

This Meditation Assists in…

In this meditation we connect with your Team in Spirit and the Body Elemental to detoxify the cells from the vibration of unresolved emotions and ancestral illness. This in turn allows the space for cellular optimisation and regeneration.

How to do this Meditation…

This meditation is best done in the morning after drinking plenty of pure spring water to help with hydration and the elimination of toxins.

Cellular Regeneration…

We must detox on a cellular level, meaning we must adjust our diet and upgrade the quality of water we consume. Raw fresh food, smoothies, and juices are all helpful in delivering the nutrients required by the body.
Cellular regeneration is important in assisting us to ascend with a minimum of difficult symptoms.

Releasing Toxins…

A body that holds a lot of toxins, acidity, inflammation, and damaged cells will not only have a hard time but will interfere with the ascension process.

In the meditation you are invited to breath light into the cells of your lymphatic system to assist with the drainage of toxins. Then to breath light into the cells of your blood to assist with the drainage of toxins. Then to breath light into the cells of your lungs to assist with the drainage of toxins. Then to breath light into the cells of your liver to assist with the drainage of toxins. Then to breath light into the cells of your digestive system to assist with the drainage of toxins. Finally, to breath light into the cells of your skin to assist with the drainage of toxins.

The Importance of Hydration…

Stress is one of the major factors in our body becoming dehydrated. Also, the principle garbage in, garbage out applies here! Our modern lifestyle makes available far too many processed foods and sugar-sweetened beverages. Hydration is important for many reasons: it assists in regulating body temperature, keep joints lubricated, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly and prevent infections. Being well-hydrated improves ouir quality of sleep, mental cognition, and our emotional states.

What Else You Need to Know….

This meditation helps to release all ancestral illness stored in the cells that can now be safely released. Also, it helps in releasing all unresolved emotions held within the body as vibration, including the vibration of unresolved ancestral stories that can now be safely released. Also releasing the vibration of any illness introduced to your body released from any vack-scene you have had over the course of your lifetime.

You Will Receive a Symbol of Light…

In the meditation we ask your HS to give you a symbol for the light of longevity/immortality. That symbol is then placed in the sacral and from there into every cell of the body.

Music By…

Laurentiu Florea – Root Chakra Note C2 (2Hz Delta)

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12 responses

  1. Thank you for this Meditation Steve. It is so Welcome. Love and Blessings to you Steve Anael Nobel

  2. I AM Grateful✨Thankful✨and Blessed✨ beautiful meditation I feel so wonderful☀️ Thank you Steve

  3. Thank you, Dear Soul, Steve! I will be doing this meditation regularly! I loved bringing the Infinity Symbol into the body which immediately looked like the DNA symbol. ♾

    Love and Blessings to You and Yours!

  4. Thank you Steve. I had a pain in my upper back, like a stabbing, and after the meditation it was gone. Love and blessings.

  5. Just lovely as I have found with all of your meditations. I have found a peace so serene with all of your meditations. Your voice has a balm for my soul

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