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Holy Guardian Angel Meditation: Creating a Force-Field of Light.

Maintain an Attitude of Serenity rather than Fear…

This meditation requires an attitude of serenity rather than fear. Remember we create our reality. When we come from a place of serenity and love we create powerful uplifting results. Remember, there is nothing to fear. Fear and other associated energies especially self-hatred and guilt create openings in the energy fields that lower frequency forces can exploit. If there is any fear or guilt then do the emotional healing meditation or the releasing fear and anxiety meditation before doing this meditation.

This Meditation…

This remastered meditation (originally uploaded July 2019) creates a force-field of light around your energy field that and filters out lower energies and allows higher energies. This meditation can help prevent psychic attack and can be used to neutralise such an attack if you are in the midst of one. Herein all body entrances are sealed in light. Then all chakra centres are sealed with a rosy pink Ankh. Then four guardian angels are called to protect your auric field. However, to really neutralise psychic attack the reasons for the attack must be found and dealt with. This meditation allows some rest and respite from lower energies. 

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  1. Must be my hearing but when Metatron seals the energy points it’s a pink? I cant visualize its sounds like ank but I don’t know what that is and this is the meditation that is allowing me to listen

  2. Brilliant. So much energy and thought put into this meditation. I feel grounded, protected and relaxed. Thank you

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