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Winter Solstice Transmission.

Welcome to this remastered meditation (originally recorded December 2020).

The Winter Solstice…

This marks the shift into light from the greatest time of night. In the Northern hemisphere this is around 21st December each year. At this time, the sun metaphorically dies on the longest, darkest night of the year, and is reborn the next day to begin its journey to the summer solstice. We are at the peak of the ascension process where light and dark forces are working on very separate agendas. The darkness of manipulation, deceit and control of the collective consciousness is being dissipated and planet earth is being returned to the light.

Music by…

Katie Jane: “This track has the frequency of the Element of Gold, converting the spectral data into audible sound & putting down the octave into our range of hearing.. It’s amazing. The benefits of Gold for the human system include: – Improving blood circulation, skincare treatment, regulating body temperature, anti-inflammatory, maintenance of joints as well as being a key element in the transmittal of electrical signals throughout the body! The crystal singing bowls used are Gold Bowl, Imperial Topaz and Larimar – for connecting to higher truth, self expression, forgiveness and radiating a healing and loving energy. My intention is to channel a connection to Higher Angelic beings of light, and a direct link to Source Consciousness – open your mind & body, soften your heart and go within, to go Home. “

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  1. This transmission was so hopeful and full of opportunity for us to envision a new age. This higher timeline includes each of us as individuals and the collective as well. It’s a complex and beautiful portal we are moving through. Thank-you for supporting this journey, Steve.

  2. Blessings to you Steve and deep gratitude for this and all the other transmissions. They help me remember my commitment to being a frequency holder on the planet. Sometimes it has been a challenge. Namaste

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