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The Sirian White Lodge Transmission: Clear Negative Alien Interference


Negative Alien Interference…

Listen to this remastered transmission (originally uploaded July 2018) to clear negative alien interference and restore your original template of light. In this journey you will meet with your team of the highest light in Spirit. Also Metatron, Michael and Archangels from Sirius who will lead you to a higher dimensional clearing temple on Sirius.

The Great White Lodge…

Here you will be worked on by ascended beings within the White Lodge on Sirius. (Please note the White Lodge has nothing to do with race in the earthly sense!) These include masters of light from Arcturus and Sirius as well as a specialist team of psychic surgeons from the White Lodge to clear all forms of negative alien interference.

In this Transmission…

Clear all negative alien interference. Restore the highest pathways of light from my Higher Self and I Am Presence. Clear all karmic other lifetime vows, agreements, promises with alien races. Release all imprinting of trauma or experimentation or conflict or any form of self-limitation from other lifetimes with negative alien groups. Clear all agreements from your bloodline that opens you to alien interference. Release all imprinting from bloodline of trauma or experimentation or conflict or any form of self-limitation with negative alien groups. Clear any interference through energy manipulation, or mind control or black magic. Clear and close any negative portals. Openings, vortexes or channels to lower frequency alien dimensions or groups. Clear any implants or crystals or alien devices/technology and all circuitry. Dissolve any cords to negative alien groups. Clear all and any alien hive mind connections. Clear all negative alien connections or issues thru all layers of the Akashic related to the chakra system and all energy bodies.

Archangel Raphael…

Please note the new symbol for this angel is a crystal wand. 

Artwork by…

Victor, who can be found on Instagram as viatoris_dux

Music by…

Thaddeus (channelled by Sanaya Roman)

12 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I did an Intuitive Reiki session on a new client and saw new things:
    crystalline body, and a ship overhead complete with hive mind soul system. My question: how do you know if the hive mind/ship needs to be cleared? She only had 2 prior lifetimes. She also had wings and a 9 foot white entity behind her.
    Thank you.

    1. Please trust your own guidance. This is just my take on the matter.
      I feel all hive mind connections need to be cleared.
      I do not feel Hive minds are the same as unity consciousness.
      I believe such connections can open us to mind control programming.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Steve,
    I have the same question as someone on your Youtube channel: I love your guided meditations, but I also heard that the archangels were hijacked and therefore not of the Light anymore. What do you know about this? I don’t feel 100 percent at ease by calling in the archangels. Please can you explain about this? Thanks.

    1. Hi Paulien, I have been receiving guidance and healing meditations from various ArchAngels for over a decade, and I can tell you that the way to know if you are tuned to the real ArchAngels is revealed by how you feel. If you feel a healing energy transmission, gentle flow of energy, calming sensation, loving energies for example, you are connecting with the higher light beings. I do not believe that any negative entity has the ability nor the desire to transmit loving healing energies to humans. If you are feeling distressed and call on ArchAngel Michael for example, he will send you protection energy. You will feel calmer and more at ease. Negative beings amplify anxiety, anger, distress, depression and other low vibration energies. The ArchAngels Raphael, Uriel, Ariel, Haniel, Michael, Gabriel alleviate our distress with their comforting words and energy. The more you practice connecting to these loving ArchAngels, the more you will be able to easily discern the difference between the ArchAngels energy and negative entities which provoke and amplify our distress. Our ego can also project its own distress onto us, but when listening to an ArchAngel guided meditation the ego quiets down. Yoga is also a good practice for quieting ego distress. The ArchAngels can help us to clear negative interferences in our energy field. In addition to Steve’s audio meditations, I recommend Kari Samuels ArchAngel guided meditations. She has described the purpose of her ArchAngel guided meditations as “entrainment” (alignment) of our energies with the higher light and love vibrations from the ArchAngels. When we listen to the ArchAngel meditations, our energies become attuned to the Angelic vibrations. I often feel upliftment and release from mental, emotional and physical stress when listening to Kari’s ArchAngel meditations. Check out her ArchAngel meditations at

      1. Hi Carrie,
        Thank you for replying. I have been rather preoccupied since the eclipses with an intense situation of late. We must always be discerning especially of such fear-based material without dismissing it out of hand. It is important to trust your experience as you say. False guides cannot stay hidden in the shadows for very long unless the person calling them has addictive/psychological issues then they will not be able to tell the difference between beings of the light and those posing as such. These stories place an element of doubt in peoples minds that interfere with their ability to connect to the light. The dark forces that have been running the show for some time are quite adept at spreading deception that seems plausible. I would add that it is of prime importance while doing this work to have tools and practices to maintain a clear field (physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual). I have been training for 25 years in systems to keep myself clear and it is no easy task since there are all kinds of interferences around. I know many that channel without any tools to maintain a clear field. This is very risky in my view. Only this week I had myself checked out by three healers to check I am working with the highest light. The time we are going through is so powerful, Much darkness is being shaken loose from us personally and also collectively. Sx

        1. Hi Steve, yes I agree it’s very important to be discerning about who we are trying to connect with and that it can be difficult to know for certain sometimes if we are working with deceptive guides or true light beings. I have had plenty of experiences with negative entities (not voluntary – mostly when in contact with other people I notice them) even when I was a kid that were creating disruption in my relationships. I knew even as a kid that there was some kind of bad vibes plaguing people, which much later in my 30s, I then came to understand there really are negative spirits that try to cause havoc & negative energy interferences that affect people’s moods and behaviors. Over the years as I worked with various ArchAngels mostly during my meditations, I definitely felt a distinct difference between their energy and other beings which benefited me in positive ways. My barometer is do I feel supported and encouraged and inspired to do good things? That is Angelic energy usually. Could be our guardian angels too, but I find that they have limitations on what they can help with and they then guide me to specific ArchAngels, so over time I began to know their energies better. Granted there are other ArchAngels beyond the more commonly known, which I think a person should research the unfamiliar ArchAngels first before attempting to interact with them. The Angel Bible by Hazel Raven is a good reference book on many different Angels.

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