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Moon Matrix Reversal Meditation: Realigning Your Energy Bodies to the Solar-Gaia Circuit.


Please use Your Discernment/Intuition…

Use your discernment/intuition as to whether you want to use this meditation. If you feel the moon uplifts you then fine. Making moon water or bathing crystals under the moon is not really what I am concerned about here. Nor am I addressing the issue of menstraution. This meditation is designed to release any negative lunar entanglements. Please consider where the root of the words ‘lunacy’ and ‘lunatic’ comes from!

This Meditation…

If you feel drawn to this remastered meditation (originally uploaded October 2019) then you are choosing to dissolve all energetic and magical links with the moon and you are realigning with the Solar-Gaia Circuit of the Earth and Great Central Sun. (This meditation can be done during the day or in the evening and it can be done during any phase of the moon.)

Sensitivity and the Moon…

Sensitive men and women naturally feel a connection to the moon. This is because of the close proximity of the moon to the Earth which creates a strong gravitational pull that affects the tides. The moon is part of a frequency control structure that seeks to maintain the energetic integrity of the low-frequency control grid upon the collective consciousness of humanity. 

The Solar-Gaia Circuit…

This is the natural connection for Starseeds, the Ascension grid coming through the Stargate of our Sun, originating from the Great Central Sun. And the 5D Crystalline Grid of the Earth. This is the natural circuit of heaven and Earth. The Moon is not alive in the sense that Earth and the Sun are alive.

Moon Magic…

For thousands of years many have worked with the lunar cycles in magical ceremonies, in meditation and manifestation rituals. Lunar energies have been utilised for healing and manifesting white magic. Lunar energies have also been used to fuel destructive and karmically binding forms of black magic. Moon magic of both kinds are very potent though there are dangers in working with lunar energies even for white magic. The word ‘lunacy’ gives a good clue as to the potential dangers of working too closely with lunar energies. This is because lunar energies potentially opens us to deception and interference by lower astral and galactic energies, entities and fallen angels. 

Menstruation and the Moon…

The gravitational pull influences the menstruation cycle in women. Some choose to align their cycle with the phases of the moon. The gravitational pull of the moon on the menstrual cycle is not what this meditation addresses. 

Biodynamic Farming…

This meditation is not concerned with Biodynamic farming. There does not seem to be any negative consequences using this method. 

Astrology and the Moon…

Because of its close proximity to earth and its strong gravitational pull, the moon does exert an influence over the astrological chart of an individual. This meditation does not impact this influence. 

Crystals and the Moon…

Some choose to bathe their crystals under moonlight. This is a personal choice. My recommendation is to allow crystals to be cleared by the elements of the earth (rain and earth) along with the rays of the sun. The intention can also be set for crystals to be cleared by starlight. 

14 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Steve! I have always had this resistance to the moon and recently had uncovered links to just what you have described where I played both sides of the dark and light polarity. I have been working to bring them into the sacred neutral and I am SO very GRATEFUL for this meditation as it has helped solidify my self healing.

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing meditation. I am very sensitive and cancerian so am aware of the programs I have gained. This has been a welcome education and energetic growth. I still wish to love the moon? She is still beautiful and brings gifts and light in the darkness as part of our infinitive universe. Love and blessings

  3. One of the most valuable things i have ever experienced.
    Deeply thankful, i wish you all all love.

    I was searching for a meditation like this on your page a month or so ago, today i held a “crystal piece” moldavite raising my vibration , after about 5 minutes i thought Steve nobel, it was quite some time since i checked his channel out, i searched and there you had created this one week ago on the day.

    Again thank you so much.

  4. I’m looking forward to enjoying this later on today during my daily meditation. When I went through a very dark period in my life, I developed an intense relationship with the moon. The moon’s light in the darkness comforted me. Now, though, my life is shifting in a positive direction and it’s time to re-embrace the sun. I’ve had a number of signs lately that it’s time to do so, and then “accidentally” stumbled upon this meditation. I know it will be great. Thank you so much for providing these meditations; they’re in invaluable support. Love and blessings to you too.

  5. Loved iT! Thank YoU Steve~ I FeeL amazing! Very powerful meditation…
    .I AM Grateful, Thankful and truly Blessed that you are part of my journey in this lifetime

  6. Resonates fully. In releasing the false programming and restoring my light.

    For quite a while I have been saying to people it is not the moon we are attracted to it’s the light of the sun reflected off the moon which make us say oh wow look at the moon….it’s the sunlight we are resonating with and seeing the moon is merely the object from which the sun lights radiates onto our being it is the sun that we are attracted to. As so it is. Mote it be

  7. Oh my! Thank you Steve. As the moon came into the room I suddenly overheated. I was sweating from crown to base, soaking the couch. Heavy, hot and so unpleasant. During the reversal I felt a cooling breeze. I knew the moon was an artificial object brought here ages ago. I’m now awfully glad to see the backside of it, in a manner of speaking! You’re a gem, Steve! This old Starseed is so grateful you’re here with us! Much love and light to you always! ❤️

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