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Pristine Earth, Pristine Body Meditation.

This remastered meditation (originally uploaded April 2021) is designed to assist Starseeds at this time in three ways: 

1. To revitalise the physical body and etheric body by bringing in pristine elemental energies (air, fire, water, earth) from a past pristine earth (Pliocene Age).
2. To strengthen the body’s immune system by connecting with a Future Self that has learnt to neutralise the effects of harmful man-made radiation.
3. To invoke three elements from the Crystalline grid of our ascending earth to protect against harmful man-made radiation. These elements are light infused silver-nickel, copper and lead.

A Pristine Past Earth…

This meditation takes us back to the Pliocene Age (Mid to Late) said to be 5.3 to 2.6 million years ago. This was a time of global cooling after the previous warmer age. During the Pliocene Age, large polar ice caps started to develop and Antarctica became the frozen continent that it is today. This period was marked by a number of significant tectonic events, there was the joining of the tectonic plates of North and South America. During this time the tectonic plates of India and Asia collided, forming the Himalayas. In North America, a number of mountain ranges were uplifted. In Europe, many mountain ranges arose, including the Alps.

A Pristine Future Time on the Earth…

Since electricity was introduced on the planet in the 1880’s humanity has gradually increased its ability to tolerate these energies without falling sick. This meditation invites a future self that has developed greater immunity from harmful man-made electromagnetic waves and radiation from satelites orbitting the earth.

The Pristine Crystalline Grid..

This meditation invites three materials from our current earth through the pristine crystalline grid. These are silver-nickel, copper and lead. These are each infused with light and sent into the outer edges of the aura. Lead is sent primarily to the upper reaches of the auric field to protect against satelite rays.

Music by…

Katie James. “This track has the intention to create a crystalline container around the body and energetic field. The crystal bowls incorporated are the Master Healer; Quartz Crystal. Androgynous Indium, for balancing masculine and feminine energy channels and the left/right brain. Citrine, for promoting child-like wonder and joy within the Spirit, with the ultimate essence of connecting one to their Original Divine Blueprint. The frequency is based on supporting the immune system to normalize and balance its operation, feeding the mind/ body a miriad of ultra healing frequencies, giving the vital signals to support total wellbeing. This track has rhythmic pulses which slow down the mind, and trigger our innate self-healing capabilities. A light-hearted energy to bring about the relaxation response, so you can feel supported, lifted and remember the true feeling of Health, Wellbeing and Home.”

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    1. Thank you so much Steve and Katie. I’ve never experienced such a perfect meditation.

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