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Gaia-Solar-Stellar Shield Transmission: Six-Layers of Multidimensional Protective Light

Ascension and Interference…

Currently there is so much volatility and energetic interference on the earth-plane that requires this kind of spiritual assistance. There is interference from the 3D human collective in terms of anxiety and anger. There is interference from the lower astral as you awaken and move through 4D realms. There are artificial AI timelines being contructed by Dark Forces and there are also Dark Alien Forces that may seek to interfere with your awakening journey.

The layers are….

(Gold) Solar light to clear/uplift any lower frequency cords,
(Crystalline) Herkimer Diamond to block lower energies from the 3D human collective,
(Gold) Light from the Central Sun to clear any lower astral interference,
Another layer of (Crystalline) Herkimer Diamond to continue blocking lower energies,
(Gold-Blue) Light from the Great Central Sun to block negative AI timelines,
And finally (Blue) light from Arcturus to clear any dark alien interference.

Music by…

Corey White (One Mind Body) and the track is called 285Hz Christ Consciousness Healing.

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