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Mirror of the Goddess Isis Transmission: Glimpsing the Multidimensional Potential of your Being.

The Goddess Isis…

Isis was first an Atlantean High Priestess of the Alta Ra priesthood who ruled the Egyptian colony after the sinking of the Motherland, Atlantis. In time, her memory merged with the archetype of the Great Mother Goddess. This combined archetypal Goddess energy of Isis entered Christianity through the cult of the Virgin Mary that spread throughout the Roman Empire. The Goddess Isis is known as the feminine archetype for creation, motherhood, healing and magic.

About this Transmission…

In this transmission you are called into the Inner Earth into a cavern. In this cavern is a lake illuminated with a blue-sea green light. To one side of the lake is an altar carved from rough stone. You will be asked to surrender an issue to the Goddess Isis for healing and transformation. The Goddess takes the issue and turns the lake into a mirror.

The Mirror of Isis…

In this mirror you will be invited to see a lifetime where you felt blocked, limited, hurt or harmed in some way. Once witnessed a healing will take place. Next the mirror will reveal a lifetime where you served the Goddess as seer, channel, priest/priestess, magician/shaman, king/queen. You are invited to witness the soul qualities, talents and skills you developed in that lifetime. These are treasures that will be useful at this time of awakening and ascension. The Goddess finally offers you a gift, a symbol of light representing these treasures. This gift can be absorbed into the body, into the cells of your being.

This transmission came in May 2021…

It came while visiting the town of Bath in Somerset. I, Steve,  was in a cafe next to the Roman Baths built on the thermal spring there. This spring was dedicated by the Celtic tribes to the Goddess Sulis who the Romans called Minerva. This track was remastered in May 2023. 

Music by….

One Mind Body Soul – Full Memory Scan Binaural Beats 285 Hz

5 responses

  1. Thank you Steve for this Magical meditation. I am so Grateful. Love and Blessings to you Steve Nobel.

  2. Quite lifting and overwhelming. I did it this morning and felt relieved , light and happy afterwards. Thanks Steve

  3. Vibrating in Resonance…Received in Gratitude, Returning Vibrational Pulses of HARMONY, HOMEOSTASIS, AND DIVINE RESONANCE to All of Gaia~Terra!!! Resonating with your Acoustical-Visual-Alchemical Transmissions for quite some time NOW, and will continue to tune in and TO SHARE your Orchestrations of Cosmic Alignment, and Galactic Integrity… I AM THAT I AM…π 144 Autumn Speaks KIN 199 Blue Self Existing Storm

  4. Steve, thank you so much for showing up. Your generous meditation offerings are part of my daily ritual, and I am so grateful. Inspiring and poignant; divinely timed

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