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Deep Cyberspace Protection Meditation: An Energetic Clearing of Your Social Media Platforms.

Social Media is Part of Modern Daily Life….

Most people use social media in one form or another. There are many benefits to social media (since the availability of this meditation and others is due to various social media platforms including YouTube and SoundCloud). Social Media facilitates the opportunity to create, maintain and deepen connections with other people. It is useful in many other ways such as sharing information and in educational/learning contexts.

The Problem with Social Media Platforms…

While social media offers great benefits it is important to be aware that social media platforms also offer potential dangers to the unwary. There are the more obvious dangers of being drawn into living a virtual life rather than a physical life there are issues around cyber bullying, sexual predators and identity theft. Beyond these there are also potential hidden energetic dangers.

Social Media and Your Personal Energetic Space….

Social media platforms can contain some or a considerable amount of your personal identity or business brand. They may contain connections to only people you know or to a larger group of people you have agreed to connect with in the online community. Interference can occur through different social media platforms (some being worse than others in this regards). Social media platforms can interface with your personal energy space. This is how they may open you to energetic intrusions, feeling energetically drained and they can also open the way for psychic attack.

Clearing Social Media Spaces Energetically…

This remastered meditation (originally uploaded March 2021) is designed to clear ONE social media platform at a time. (This includes your profile, any pages or groups the platform may contain, also any messaging functionality.) This meditation is designed to destroy all psychic agreements made unconsciously with the platform. It clears and seals your personal energetic space within the larger social media platform. It clears all energetic connections such as friends or groups. It clears interference from negative AI on the platform. It clears and protects all your data (though you still have to use common sense and inner wisdom when it comes to sharing your data on these platforms). Finally, your space is sealed and protected by Security Force Angels.

One Platform at a Time…

Because this meditation is designed for one platform at a time it may need to be repeated a number of times to ensure all social media platforms that you are engaged in are energetically swept clean of interference and lower energies.

Music By…

Chris Collins (Indie Music Box) – Binaural Journey

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you Steve for your depth of insight into the energetics of social media. This was exceptionally timely for me, as yesterday I intuited that a person requesting to chat was actually a fake profile and phishing, my boyfriend blocked someone on a different site who trolled his comment on my business page. Today a friend has complained about her experience of FB, so I have forwarded this meditation to her. So this visualisation is very much needed and we are grateful you had the inspiration to create it.
    I appreciate the safety of your Soul Matrix social media site even more now I understand how influential your protective intention over the platform is.

  2. Thank you for this powerful and skillful meditation for clearing and protecting our social media platforms. I have always been aware of the potential negative influences, saw them as a necessary evil to be navigated with care, and even more so over the past year. Yet it has been interfering with ability to use it to advantage. I was deterred from using these platforms. I was almost ready to give up on the whole social media thing, so this particular transmission was specially relevant and timely.

    I was surprised where this meditation took me, though having benefited from so many of your guided meditations, transmissions, affirmation tracks and webinars, I shouldn’t have been! I know from experience the power of these journeys and intentions, and how they unfold. Working with your energetic interventions I have experienced amazing shifts, clearing and insights. I will continue to use them, and share them with others. Thank you for these gifts that you so freely offer. May you be blessed a thousandfold for your generosity and integrity. With so much appreciation for your presence on this journey at this time.

  3. I loved this transmission. I cleared Facebook platforms and literally a few hours later tried to get on to FaceBook and was locked out lol. That was the first time ever. Certainly works well. Thank you Steve

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