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Dreamstate Magical (Kids) Adventure Meditation.

This Meditation for Kids…

This meditation is to help a child prepare for the dreamstate. It can be played as the child is getting ready to enter the dreamtime. It calls on angelic support to make sure their chosen sleeping place, usually their bedroom, is sealed in light. This track helps them relax, feel safe, still their mind and set an intention for a magical dreaming journey.

Preparing the Space…

“Dear one, it is time to rest, it is time to sleep, to sleep is to dream, to dream is to go on a magical journey. We will together prepare for that journey, so that your bedroom becomes a beautiful space of light.

You may remember that there are many angels who are there to protect you as you enter the dreaming worlds.  

There is the angel Raphael,

There is the angel Michael,

There is the angel Gabriel,

There is the angel Uriel.

Let us altogether call upon these angels to be here to bring a beautiful light into your bedroom as you prepare to sleep.

And there are two other archangels we can call. There is the angel Metatron who is such a beautiful and powerful angel who works with the golden light of the sun, let us ask this angel to bring that golden-light down into your bedroom.  

Perhaps now you will see that beautiful protective golden-white light in the walls around you. Perhaps now you will see that light beginning to form and spread through the walls to the floor beneath you and the ceiling above. So that your whole bedroom is protected by angelic light.

There is the angel Sandalphon who is the twin brother of Metatron. This angel holds the angelic light in the earth. Let us call on that angel now to bring that diamond-white crystal light up into your bedroom. You might begin to see or feel that diamond white crystal light fill the floor of your bedroom. Perhaps you may even begin soon to feel that you are floating on this beautiful angelic crystal light.

Creating the Space to Relax…

Dear one, it is time to rest, it is time to sleep, to sleep is to dream, to dream is to go on a magical journey.

Now you are held by angels. You can just relax knowing that your room is protected. Because it is safe to begin to relax. And as you relax, know that you are safe and secure. That you are always held by the light.

And as you relax know that your body is safe to experience a deep rest, recharging its energy, and doing what it knows best while you go off on a magical adventure.  

And as you relax, just soften your mind, allowing all of your thoughts to become soft. As if your thoughts can become pink fluffy clouds that you can watch. You deserve a deep rest. You deserve a truly magical adventure. An adventure where you can play and meet new friends and perhaps even some old friends.  

The Universe is More Magical than You can Imagine….

Dear one, it is time to rest, it is time to sleep, to sleep is to dream, to dream is to go on a magical journey.

Sleep is the gateway to not just one world, but many worlds. Worlds of a higher light. In these worlds you are free to be yourself with no-one telling you want to do or what not to do.

The good news is this Universe is more magical than you can ever probably can imagine.

There are dreaming worlds where you can be free in, where you can be happy in, where you can fly in if you wish, you belong to such worlds,

In those worlds, there are no limits to joy, to fun, to play, to your creative self-expression,

There are dream worlds of great beauty and wonder. You are free to visit those higher worlds at any time, you do not need permission, you are a beloved child of the universe, this universe is for you to play and create in. This universe is for you to have fun, to grow through joy.

Time for a Magical Adventure…

Dear one, it is time to rest, it is time to sleep, to sleep is to dream, to dream is to go on a magical journey. I know, there are parts of you that love to play, love to laugh, love to create, love to explore, love to have new adventures.

You have any other angels watching over you. Angels that will fly with you in your dreams.

You can meet many angels who are happy to meet someone like you.

You have any many other magical beings watching over you. Perhaps unicorns, perhaps dragons, perhaps other magical creatures,

In the dreamtime you can meet many magical creatures who are happy to meet someone like you.

So Many Places of Light….

Dear one, it is time to rest, it is time to sleep, to sleep is to dream, to dream is to go on a magical journey.

In your dreams you can visit many magical places. In such places you can experience a deep healing, a healing of the things that have bothered you in the ordinary world in which you are leaving now behind you for a time.  

Here you can meet many magical beings of light who love to heal with sound, with colour, with touch, with vibration, with love.

Deep Peace…

Dear one, it is time to rest, it is time to sleep, to sleep is to dream, to dream is to go on a magical journey.

There is a deep peace you can experience in your dreams, a peace that is not here on the earth to most beings who live here. This peace is deeply healing. In this peace you begin to know that the Universe is essentially friendly. That the Universe loves you, that the Universe is watching over you.  

Meeting Friends…

In the dreaming planes you can meet other souls you have a bond of love with. Those you have known in other lifetimes. For you have lived many lifetimes.

You can meet other souls who are journeying on the earth plane as you are. You can meet them to here work out stuff on the earth, perhaps to learn something, perhaps to heal something, perhaps to complete something, perhaps to create something.  

Opening to Magic…

Dear one, it is time to rest, it is time to sleep, time to dream now, to dream is to go on a magical journey.

In the dreaming worlds things that seem impossible on earth are very possible.

Going Deeper…

Perhaps you are already drifting or floating. Perhaps you are already there.

But now it is time to let go, to drift off, to drift upwards, to drift upwards into new magical spaces of light, of delight, of wonder, of joy, of love. And as you do so, I wonder what magical dreams and adventures you will have this night!”

Below are two tracks which contain the same script and music though my voice is barely audible and you can experiment with both and see which you prefer.

Music by…

Music by Sefy Tofan (Anima Mundi) and the track is called ‘Healing Sleep Music (19)’.

More Information…

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  1. Awe thank you so much! My little one made a “wish” that you would make children’s meditations. She listens to the chakra cleansing meditations with me and she just loves them!
    Thank you for answering her wish !

    Much love and blessings

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