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Podcast: The Journey of a Medical Intuitive

After a traumatic business event, Patrice Krysztofiak started meditation. Then after a few weeks of practice he entered into the light. A few months later when he would meet people, he started to see inside their body when they had a disease, he would also sometimes receive information about what to do or where to search for the answer or what specialist to see… A few months later he started vomiting energy like in the movie “The Green Mile” and some people’s condition would vanish a few minutes or days later. That is how his medical intuitive journey started.

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  1. Patrice is such an amazing intuitive. I had a session with him this morning with complaints of back issues and severe pain in my left foot. By the time he was done my foot was completely relieved of pain my back is feeling better now and it’s only been 1 hour from session. He also has an amazing personality!

  2. Brilliant and such a pure hearted person. What a journey he has had so far! And what an even more interesting one he has ahead of him.

  3. Awesome I’m expecting to see and here about more and more of these kinds of experiences and stories as the veil finally opened up and true “unveiled” connections with the beloved higher realms become more and more tangible manifest in this 3d time space.
    Thank you for facilitating the podcast and bringing this wonderful man and his abilities to the light and to a broader audience.
    Bless you precious Steve

  4. License is the LEGAL right ( permission by man) to do something against nature and Natures’s God’s Law.
    So you tell me why anyone would want a license if they know this truth

  5. Truly grateful to our bless-ed Steve for creating a web of spiritual workers including the one & only Patrice. After feeling exalted, newly alive & open from the heartfelt session I had with Steve in June, I reached out to Patrice in September to further my healing journey. My session with Patrice offered enlightenment & freedom. His delivery of healing from Source is unique to himself & all-inclusive. Nothing was off limits. His use of symbols & colorful imagery creates a nexus of understanding. He welcomes any challenges you may be dealing with in a humble manner & he stays the course until he is able to deliver cohesive answers. His personality is delightful & he incorporates a bit of whimsy which lifts the atmosphere surrounding those occasional heavy topics. He was uncompromising in his generosity of time & goes the ‘Green Mile’ in service to Source. Many of us survive things we NEVER thought we’d see the likes of. As we begin the slow crawl out of that 3D muck which held us captive in darkness we are so so so very blessed if we can find compassionate, patient, ‘connected’, loving energies like Steve, Liz & Patrice waiting for us with their hearts, hands & words held out. God bless us all.

  6. I had my first, but definitely not my last session with Patrice this morning. It was an amazing ride! Patrice is a talented and connected man. He guided me, welcome my own eccentricies, nothing was off limits. He skillfully healed a multitude of pains stemming from past lives, and removed some entities. I’m super grateful Patrice and his work!

  7. Patrice is absolutely amazing. I have met with many energy practioners and above all, Patrice particularly stands out to me. His modality of energy work is extremely effective and precise. He was not only able to solve issues for me but steer me in the right direction to better my own spiritual gifts. I highly recommend booking a session with him!

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