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A Christmas Message Plus Two Gifts for this Time of Year.

This is a time to remember the service of the Avatar of this planet, Jesus the Christ who came at a time of great darkness to plant a seed of light within the 3D matrix of this dimension of earth.


Here is: Shekina Rose “Peace, Light & Love Christmas”
Shekina Rose is a Language of Light / Angel Messenger.
She sings in the Language of Light.


The hymn ‘O Come O Come Emmanuel’ originates back to the 12th century and possibly even earlier. You can use this carol at this auspicious time of year to tune into the light, joy and blessings of Solar-Christ Consciousness within. Music by Emorie (Soundstripe).


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  1. Thank you for this wonderful website for Starseeds Steve, and for everything you do for us. You are making such a positive difference for us and this planet. May you and yours have a most Blessed and Beautiful Holiday season. Much love…Dusty

  2. Thank you so much for doing this, o come Emmanuel is my favorite Christmas song for many years. I have a poster banner that I put up in my home and when I’m feeling blue I just sit down and look at it and sing the song even though it is out of tune and it brings so many emotions to your heart when you listen to the words and see the words thank you

  3. As always, thank you Steve for all your wonderful work!
    I love Jesus and Christmas (myself born on Christmas Eve).
    This is the second coming of Christ.
    Let’s celebrate in joy.
    Many Blessings to all.

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