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Super Quick Self-Love Meditation: Releasing Judgements, Opinions and Projections.

Self-Love Meditation…

This remastered meditation is designed to help neutralise the different ways we can be impacted by negative criticism, judgements or the projection of negative energies. It also also intended to transform our Inner Critic, the part of our ego that internalises all messages received while growing up in the 3D Matrix. This mediation is also designed to help us expand all limits to love that we have consciously or unconsciously accepted. It will help us remember our innate self-worth, that our true nature is love, that we are loved and we do belong in this ascending world.

Music By…

Matias Romero Acuna and the track is called Solfeggio Tonal 285Hz 

More Information…

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14 Responses

    1. Thank you for coming into my life. I am so grateful to you. This was beyond wonderful peace I havent felt. Thank you Steve you are a blessing to me❤☮☯️❇

      1. Thank you so much for this gift. How can I get my grown up children to be open to this. They are trouble however resist suggestions . Their world is filled with pain, fear and instability. Thank you for all your help,

  1. Steve Nobel You Are truly Light/Love Lifeline in Allways. What, where, when I/we require you always deliver exactly, perfectly, wholly. I AM so GreatFull for You.
    Big Love, Iris in Florida

  2. Dearest Steve,

    My deepest gratitude to you for this particular meditation. I have found solice, inspiration, and risen in enlightenment from so many of your transmissions and affirmations. This love meditation spoke directly to my heart, as though a burst of awakening was shot directly into it.

    I grew up in a rather toxic family environment and through life altered decisions to cleanse my life from the dynamics of that, I have unplugged from my birth family, specifically my mother. It was a decision I found necessary for my mental and spiritual growth, and the ascension process.

    Thank you for providing this transmission as it has cracked open the protective shell I have surrounded myself with for most of my life. Thank you for helping me rise into the calling of my soul dear brother. My gratitude for your assistance and guidance is immense.

    Love, Peace and Blessings… Myrna

  3. I have just had a short spell in hospital to have an obstruction resolved, they did this simply by making space. The meditation went much further, far more space was created – in all of my being. Thank you so… much. Rosaleen

  4. Thnx for all u r doing steve.. I listened to your meditations every life is bettr because of you.. gracias..
    Will u really be coming to portland,or?

  5. Gratitude to You, Steve, for being a Divine Voice Energetic Messenger & Presence. Giving amazing frequencies of love, grace, forgiveness. Sharing awakenings & opening faith in ourselves & within our cells, and more… Blessing Always!

  6. dear Steve, ive probably done 98% of your meditations. all have helped me in ways i cannot express. But, THIS one, I AM finally open to feel/ is now my daily meditation. many thx for your continuing uplifting presence….with Love and Blessings

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