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Elohim / Solar Archangels Light Portal Transmission: Opening the Solar Plexus and Third Eye.

This transmission invokes Solar Archangels from the Great central Sun and Elohim to assist in first closing negative openings and portals in your energy fields. Then a light portal is opened first in the Solar Plexus and sesond in the Third Eye. Power is generated in the Solar Plexus to support the Third Eye Portal which allows a positive Star Race to connect with your vision of possibility.

(As humanity approached the 2012 ascension trigger point, Starseeds became more vulnerable to interference as lower forces sought to block the ascension process. One form of block is a negative portal which are created through various activities including addictions such as the unconscious use of alcohol or recreational drugs, sexual perversion or promiscuous sexual activity, where we have allowed ourselves to fall into habitual states of fear, guilt or shame. Negative portals can also be opened where we hang out in physical spaces that have existing lower astral openings. Dark portals allow lower astral forces and fallen entities to attach to our fields.)


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    1. Wherever there are lingering energies of anger, fear, violence, addiction there could be portals. For instance a person watching porn addictively can create a portal. The violence on battlefields can create portals. Mental instituitions and prisons can have portals.

    1. Can drinking a small Amount of alcohol when you are not a drinker eg once a year etc create a portal ? I stopped drinking after a Silent insight meditation Many years ago and notice if I occasionally consume a small amount of alcohol as a toast etc I feel unwell the next day. Can this be a portal opening even through such a small amount. I never had an addiction. I just choose not to drink.

  1. Now, i understand why i started having nightmares since 2012 but even earlier about mother earth and people and things are exponentionally accelerating…. Thank you for your valuable explanation when everything is blurred and the only thing we keep asking ourselves, what’s going on everywhere??? A chaotic World. May we be rescued from all these calamities !!!!

  2. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for this very timely meditation. How do we close battlefield & enslaved area portals or lower astral portals that might be around our homes, ancestral places, property, selves, etc. ?



  3. I found I have to sit in silence and I’m experiencing a solar plexus cleansing. Lots of tentacles came out and were attached to former patients. I feel a lot lighter and centered.

  4. Thank you Steve for this I did this last night and this morning I could feel myself coming back into my heart center. I really felt the energy shift.
    With Love and Gratitude.

  5. Thank you. That was an incredibly potent transmission. I am so abundantly grateful to all. Love to all at this now moment. Thank you <3

  6. Thank you so much. I received this transmission. I’m so excited to be my best self and walk out my purpose and follow my destiny by my using my gift with love for humanity l.

  7. Whoosh…A great deal of burning off. Feeling Lighter & Brighter…
    With Love & Deep Gratitude
    Thank You _/\_

  8. I especially appreciate this meditation during a time when I am doing so much clearing and light body integration. I feel this transmission is strengthening us all to hold more light. Thanks so much for agreeing to bring this loving support to us, Steve at such an important time.

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