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Rose Quartz Crystalline Angelic Light Transmission

In this transmission…

We invoke Angels of Rose Quartz Crystalline Light through the Crystalline Grid of Gaia into your space.

Angelic Light into the Chakras…

The transmission begins into the base chakra and from there into the bones and blood. Then into the sacral chakra and from there into the reproductive system, digestive system, and urinary system.
Then into the solar plexus chakra and from there into all organs in the lower torso. Then into the heart chakra and from there into the physical heart, lungs, and then the nervous system. Then this angelic crystalline light is sent out into the aura.

Sending Angelic Light Back in Time…

Then the light is sent back in time to the aspect of you that is still connected to the womb of your mother. Also, to all aspects of your inner child in need of love, support and safety.

Music by…

Chris Collins and the track is called Absolute Infinity.

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  1. Hi gratitude to you for these transmissions. I am experiencing miraculous the equivalent of miraculous results/improvements in both health conditions and family dynamics previously presenting and seeming impossible to improve move or shift.

  2. Your tireless work is so much appreciated.
    Releasing the fear, loving and forgiving my own self,
    understanding that I’m not crazy…..and much more…
    Thank you, especially for all the angels you introduce,
    that I had forgotten existed.
    I’m in Oz, so not able to attend your live events, but
    sending you Love and Light and myriad blessings.
    I’ll put on my smiley socks, which my grand daughter
    gave me, and have a morning virtual cuppa with you
    and Liz

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