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Aldebaran Light Transmission

The Star Aldebaran…

This star can be seen as the fiery eye of the Bull in the constellation Taurus. Aldebaran is easy to find in the night sky using the three stars of Orion’s belt as a guide. Imagine a line from this belt to the right, the first bright star you come to will be Aldebaran with its distinctive reddish-orange glow. Aldebaran has guided many on Earth for centuries. This star was named in Arabic “The Follower” because it rises after the Pleiades cluster of stars. Ancient Persians honoured Aldebaran one of the Four Royal Stars. In some astrological systems Archangel Michael is linked to Aldebaran (with Gabriel linked to the star Fomalhaut, Raphael linked to the star Regulus, and Uriel linked to the star Antares). 

In this Transmission….

We call on Archangels from the star system of Aldebaran to create a light sphere around you that is many faceted like a great faceted jewel. This energetic structure helps to connect you to Aldebaran. There you meet ascended light beings who transmit light to you reminding you that there are many ascended civilisations around the Universe, and this is the destiny of humanity in the future.

Aldebaran Starseeds…

Perhaps you have been called to this transmission because you have a connection to the star system Aldebaran. For any Starseed who has a strong connection to this star system there is a natural empathy, a natural desire to live cooperatively and in peace with others, a natural creative spirit. Aldebaran Starseeds radiate beauty and harmony which is their natural default state of being.

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