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Diamond White-Violet Fire Transmission: Clearing Old Karmic Patterns and Programs.

At this time, we have the opportunity to clear much old dense karma in ourselves.

Actually, there are different spiritual dispensations that have been granted by the spiritual hierarchy that allows for personal karma spanning many lifetimes in the multiverse to be dissolved. For a number of years, we have had the Violet Flame dispensation. In this time of ascension and global shift there are a number of new dispensations that we can call upon. One of these is the Diamond-Violet Ray.

Diamond White and Violet Fire…

This ray combines the Violet Flame which holds the energies of freedom, transmutation and forgiveness with the energies deep cleansing, purity and clarity of the Diamond White Ray. This new ray is held jointly by Archangel Metatron (of the Diamond White) and Archangel Zadkiel (of the Violet Fire).
In this remastered transmission (originally uploaded November 2017) we invoke the ray to transmute any lower energies in your energetic space, then clear any lines of difficult communication between you and another and finally the transmission works to clear your path (both past and future) so that you can step more joyfully towards your soul’s highest choice and destiny.


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  1. Hello!

    I would like to listen the transmission but transmission record is not available.

    Best Regards.

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing this at just the right time for myself. Well I believe in synchronicity & I keep getting this same message of letting go, cutting chords & more in many different ways so I know I was led to this by my Angels/Guides… My abilities need for me to do this so that I may follow my Soul’s highest Destiny.

  3. Thank you Steven for making these powerful guided meditations. You and many others have helped me to believe in my clairvoyant ability more and more. Many blessings to you. I will be doing these meditation’s today. So thank you for everything that for us all.

  4. Thank you so much for this Steve. I have felt protected and not picking up others energy which usually is like a tidal wave. Today for the first time ever the flood defences were there and I felt secure. Thi has helped so much. I will be definitely practising this clearing on a regular basis in conjunction with heaven earth higher self connection and shields.

  5. Thank you so much Steve for this amazing powerful clearing. I wish I could keep this meditation permanently!!! I’ve been working with metatron for a while now in my healing. Thank you that was very special xx

  6. Thank you much for this precious gift!!! It’s the second recording I meditated on in two days now and I deeply enjoy listening to the voice and all sounds of it and also the music and vibrations!!! I feel it is in total allignement with me, my Soul. Thank you Steve and ALL THAT IS

  7. WOW!! That was fantastic!! I had to work through a little BS – there is hype going around about Metatron – I had met him last year and worked with him a couple times..So like I said I had to trust and let go. Maybe you could write/channel about him and clear that up. I was getting that the hype is a tactic to keep us away from the Diamond – violet flame / ray?? Thanks again and much love..

  8. This is a very powerful transmission.
    The room filled with white mists of energy within minutes of beginning to meditate.
    I could feel the arrival of the Archangels.
    I am very grateful for this profound and sacred gift.
    Thank-you Steve.

  9. Thank you Steve for creating and making available your wonderful transmissions. You are reaching so many people in this way with your work. I appreciate your generous spirit and your gentle but powerful energy and voice. I found this transmission particularly powerful for cleansing the area of my house and its surroundings.

  10. Potent. Thank you. I’ll listen again and again. I felt a real lightness and freedom the following day. A mild depression indicates I am letting go.

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