This transmission is intended to clear any ‘past’ lifetime where you suffered trauma, death, imprisonment, public humiliation, exile or torture. It is intended to clear lower astral energies and entities attached through past life trauma, shock, stress. It is time to clear anything inhibiting or blocking you opening to your true light and following your authentic path.

In the 3D Matrix so much suffering has been generated because of differences, arguments and persecution over religious belief. A Heretic could be defined as an incarnated soul who differs in opinion from the established religious rules or dogma. Such a one may even go against the rules or dogma publicly. Many Starseeds, in other 3D incarnations, have suffered for speaking against repressive and limiting authoritarian systems of belief. This can certainly create problems when it comes to the awakening/ascension process especially when there is the calling to step beyond the judgments, opinions and resistance of others to step onto the path of the heart.


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