In this podcast-interview listen to healer and channel Katy Tucker speak on the subject The Collective Dark Night of the Soul.

This podcast includes a meditation to help you in your own journey through the Collective Dark Night.

Katy explains what is a personal Dark Night of the Soul. Also how the Collective Dark Night is impacted on many as we pass through this time of Global Transition. Katy goes onto to mention some of the elements that have woven together to create this experience including unresolved experiences from the fall of Atlantis (which is effecting many on how we collectively receive abundance in our lives.)

Katy Tucker is the founder of Starlight Meditation which is fundamentally about self-empowerment we see this as the key to true core happiness and global ascension. The workshops, ceremonies, retreats and soul journeys that we run are dedicated to helping people find empowerment in their lives and as they walk their spiritual paths.

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