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Super Quick Colour Spectrum Meditation.

In this meditation track we call upon a number of specialist angels to hold the space abd then clear and uplift your energy fields. including:

  • Zero Point Field Angels,
  • Ultra-Violet Fire Angels,
  • Black Angelic Fire Angels,
  • Rose-Gold Angelic Fire Angels,
  • Diamond White Fire Angels.

These angelic fires are used to clear, cleanse and then uplift the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. Sending a beautiful healing light out into your reality.

This meditation was recorded on the day of the solar eclipse 10th June 2021 in Dorset, England.

Music by Rebecca Reads – Journey Through the Milky Way.


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  1. Bless you & thank you for this… First playback, was aware of large long limbed beings working around me & I fell asleep, woke at the ending. Second time listening, the awareness was purely calmness, a deep sense of well being & a radiating of increased energy, I can also hear it. Huge LOVE to all sentient beings…

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