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The Law of One Transmission: Connect to Your Star Councils

In this transmission experience releasing anything binding you to the great heresy of separation consciousness. Open to the truth and power of your being. Connect to Higher Angelic Forces and the light of your gatekeeper, your Higher Self. Connect also to your High Star Councils governing your mission on the earth plane.

“The time of global transition and ascension is upon us. There is no going back. Gaia is healing Herself of much ancient darkness and karma which stretched back beyond human history as we know it. This is not a time for fear, it is a time connecting with the light and for celebration. Humanity is healing, much that is dark, ignorant and divisive is leaving. A higher potential of awareness and consciousness is returning to this plane of existence. The great heresy of separation consciousness is over. We are waking up to our true nature and our true potential. Our true nature is light, love, limitless possibility and unity consciousness. Unity Consciousness is the opposite of dependence, neediness, or seeking to inappropriately fuse with another individual or group. Now is time to brush off the cobwebs and embrace the full radiance of your being and the power of your true authentic connection to the universal web of life.”


The Law of One Transmission: Connect to Your Star Councils from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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  1. This is wonderful. I have worked with Richard Farmer who is a Metatron ic healer and this is very useful stuff. Thank you

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Steve Nobel

I am the author of 6 non-fiction books, the most recent being a free Ebook entitled ‘Starseeds’ and my latest published book is 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur'. I was a director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years, leaving on the Winter Solstice of 2012. Subsequently, I began my own healing and awakening work. I created a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing for Starseeds. I have created a library of free resources including meditations and transmission to help Starseeds. These are are freely available on this website and on my YouTube channel. These meditations and transmissions are played all over the world and so far, the platform has over 172K subscribers. I regularly runs events in the UK.

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