Listen to this transmission on the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Opening to cosmic and planetary archetypal forces to reshape and reunify our internal experience of these energies.

Our concepts of masculine and feminine energies have been, for the past few thousand years, determined by many cultural and religious factors. In the past few hundred years the industrial revolution has changed the way we view the earth Scientific ideas have shaped modern day thinking about the universe and our place within it. Mostly, our collective concepts about masculine and feminine energies have become rather tame, constricted and two-dimensional. Our concept of God has for too long bought into the idea that God is an absent Father figure who punishes wayward souls in eternal fire. In this 3D Matrix we have been programmed into believing that the sun, is the representation of the creative masculine force. The Goddess has long been banished from the earth for the past few thousand years, but She is returning.

Even though dogmatic religion is less powerful there are still ideas that keep the masculine and feminine at odds with each other. Within our current 3D scientific paradigm the earth is soulless and therefore can be abused and destroyed for short term financial gain. In this 3D world the masculine principle has become grossly inflated and disconnected from the light and power of nature. The symptoms of such a state are rigidity, addiction to power and control and dogma. We can see that this distorted masculine is driving the corporate world, media and politics. This predatory impulse can be found in the sexuality of both men and women which is incapable of honouring the light within another person. There is a desire for sexual connection which lacks real depth or love. .

In this transmission we explore the alchemical concept that all planes of existence have both masculine and feminine polarities. The authentic masculine is wild, untamed and free. The authentic feminine is creative, life-giving, radiant and incredibly powerful. This audio/visual track is designed to connect us to our cosmic and planetary energies to help us understand the true power of these energies that also dwell within us all. In this transmission we open to receive a transmission from the Divine Feminine within the Sun. We also open to connect with the sacred masculine archetypal energy as the Green God force within all the kingdoms of the earth.


Sacred Masculine, Divine Feminine Transmission: Healing an Ancient Wound, Bridging a Deep Divide. from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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