We Carry Both Aspects Regardless of Gender – Our fullest potential is found in the balancing and reintegration of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies within ourselves. Men and women in this time need to be able to access and express both with fluidity and clarity.

The 3D Matrix Has Created a Schism Between the Feminine and Masculine Energies – Because we have spent many lifetimes in this 3D fear-separation matrix both energies may be out of balance, disrespected, repressed, disowned, wounded or misunderstood. They may be acting as divorced parents or quarrelling siblings within us where one energy seeks to dominate and block the other. In patriarchal cultures, left-brain masculine qualities such as logic and rational thinking usually tend to be emphasised and honoured over right-brain feminine qualities such as intuition and imagination. This is of course changing.

The Divine Feminine is the sphere of relationship, intuition, tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing, flexibility and fertility. This is the realm of the Maiden, Lover, High Priestess and Empress archetypes. When we are out of touch with the Divine Feminine, we are not in touch with our body, emotions and intuition. On a collective level being out of touch with the feminine has led to a disregard for all the Kingdoms of Nature and a destruction of ecosystems.

The Sacred Masculine is the sphere of courageous action and self-expression. When we are in touch with the Sacred Masculine we use all our resources to help and uplift others. The Sacred Masculine is not afraid of the unknown. He enjoys helping us venture beyond our familiarity zones into new adventures and terrains. This is the realm of the Fool, the Magician, Warrior and Emperor archetypes.

The Return to Eden – When they work in harmony, the Sacred Union of these energies can help us create Heaven on Earth in our personal lives and across the planet. In order to move beyond all the schisms of 3D, we need to heal and unite our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. This evening will include an attunement, information, tools and concludes with a transmission to unite these energies within.

Your Investment for this event is £20.


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