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The Return to Eden: Glastonbury Retreat. 29 June – 1st July 2018

Calling all Lightworkers and Starseeds. As you know, we are in a time of a great global energy shift from fear to love, separation consciousness to unity and struggle to new possibilities. Many have experienced this outgoing year as one of challenges, awakening and spiritual gifts. The learnings and gifts of the year continue to flow, showing us the way forward to self-realisation and awakening. How successfully we navigate these depends on how gracefully we release or move through our challenges.

The 3D Matrix Has Created a Schism Between the Feminine and Masculine Energies – Because we have spent many lifetimes in this 3D fear-separation matrix both energies may be out of balance, disrespected, repressed, disowned, wounded, or misunderstood. They may be acting as divorced parents within us where one energy seeks to dominate and block the other. In patriarchal cultures usually, left-brain masculine qualities such as logic and rational thinking tend to be emphasised and honoured over right-brain feminine qualities such as intuition and imagination. This is changing.

The Divine Feminine is the sphere of relationship, intuition, tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing, flexibility and fertility. This is the realm of the Maiden, Lover, High Priestess and Empress archetypes. When we are out of touch with the Divine Feminine we are not in touch with our body, emotions and intuition. On a collective level being out of touch with the feminine has led to a disregard for all the Kingdoms of Nature and a destruction of ecosystems.

The Sacred Masculine is the sphere of courageous action and self-expression. When we are in touch with the Sacred Masculine we use all our resources to help and uplift others. The Sacred Masculine is not afraid of the unknown. He enjoys helping us venture beyond our familiarity zones into new adventures and terrains. This is the realm of the Fool, the Magician, Warrior and Emperor archetypes. On a collective level when we

The Return to Eden – When working in harmony, the Sacred Union of these energies can help us create Heaven on Earth in our personal lives and across the planet. In order to move beyond all the schisms of 3D we need to heal and unite our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. This evening will include an attunement, information, tools and concludes with a transmission to unite these energies within.

What to Expect. There will be gentle morning movement and energy attunements to get your energy flowing. During the day, there will be group processes, deep transmission-meditations and also space for reflection. As a group and also individually we will explore some of the sacred sites around the town. These include The Tor (old Druid Labyrinth) and Chalice Well Garden (beautiful space to connect with the ancient well waters and elemental energies).

This retreat is ideal for anyone who feels they are ready to go deeper into themselves and make a shift in reconnecting more of your light and inner power. The investment for this retreat is £235.



Your Facilitators ———————————————————————————————————————————————

Steve Ahnael Nobel is an author, book mentor, spiritual coach, and healer. He is the creator of Soul Matrix Healing which is a blend of down to earth coaching techniques and energy tools for clearing karmic ‘blocks’. Steve was a director of Alternatives between 2000-2012. Visit and

Catherine Björksten is a Soul Plan reader and Awakening Guide. Her work is focused on helping her clients remember who they are in essence so that they can live an authentic and fulfilling life as they self-realise. She draws upon her shamanic studies, psychotherapy background, spiritual counselling skills, multidimensional guidance and life experience as a mother of two. She offers a practical approach to spirituality in daily life. Along with her private practice, she is a consultant at the College of Psychic Studies in London. Visit

31 Responses

  1. Hi Steve, i hope that you are well, how much is the retreat in june please? i cannot see a price anywhere,
    thank you



  2. Hello Steve! I’m a big fan of your transmissions, and your spiritual guidance. I’m from Mexico City and would like to know when’s the deadline to book a space in the retreat? I’d love to go.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I am interested in attending this retreat. Would a deposit secure a spot or is it just one up front payment?


      1. Hi Steve,

        What’s the best way to send you the £50 deposit for booking my spot on the Glastonbury retreat in June? Eventbrite only gives the option of the full ticket price atm.


  4. I would like to book a place at the retreat in Glastonbury in June. I will stay in London for 3 week this summer and had already planned to go to Glastonbury the same weekend. What a coincidence

  5. Hi! I am interested and would like to pay the 50£ deposit (if if still possible), but I can’t see any link for that…

  6. Hi Steve
    Just following up. I did get my transaction to go through it was my bank blocking it
    I will await further info about lodging and how to best get to Glastonbury

  7. Hi Steve

    I have just met you for the first time on Lauren Galey’s broadcast and would like to connect more

    Are there any places left for the Glastonbury event ?

    Do you do 1 to 1 sessions anywhere anytime ?

    Love Jenni

  8. Hi Steve, do you still have spaces on the retreat? I would like to book a place, but can’t muster the deposit for a few days

  9. Hi Steve, just tried to put down the £50 deposit, but only seei g the option for paying the whole ampunt, which I can’t do! Please reserve a spot and tell me how to pay the deposit! Much love Alex xx

  10. Hi Steve,

    I have booked the retreat but wondering about the accommodation, when/where can I find out about this and where to book?

    Thanks x Francesca

  11. Hello
    I see that the return to eden tickets are sold out.

    If anything changes and a space becomes available i am interested!



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