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Ascension News: The Starseed Writer.

This track explores some of the issues of becoming a Starseed / Spiritual Writer such as:

** Knowing your calling to become a Starseed Writer,
** Working with your Unseen Friends in Spirit,
** Know you are a channel for divine inspiration,
** Overcoming your inevitable resistance/blocks,
** Writing From your heart,
** Allowing your writing to flow,
** The creative discipline of writing,
** Know you are a storyteller (this includes all non-fiction writer)s,
** Practical tips for getting on track and staying on track.

When I was growing up I was drawn to books like a moth to a flame….

I loved reading and also writing stories, though I gave up the story writing bit when I entered secondary school. I never really ever thought I would be a writer one day. I did not really feel I had anything important to say or share. Perhaps, you can relate with this. Maybe you experienced growing up where your innate drive to be creatively self-expressive was not appreciated by the adults around you. Perhaps this creative drive was actively discouraged or blocked. Perhaps you received many subtle and not so subtle messages to get real, stop daydreaming and so on. Looking back I still feel amazed at the journey I have been on. Coming from a place where I felt I had nothing to say or share with the world to where I am now. Basically, I woke up in ‘91 after the death of my father which propelled me on a spiritual journey. That journey brought me to this place where I have authored six published books and have several channels, including YouTube, where a tribe of Starseeds are interested in the messages I have to share.

I feel blessed that I followed a calling to write and become a published author.

I am now pretty well versed in the writing process which means opening myself up to divine inspiration and allowing ideas to emerge, take form and be released to the world so that whoever needs to be touched and inspired by these ideas will do so. I could have chosen not to put myself out into the world in that way. I could have allowed self-doubt and fear to block my channel of inspiration. Then again, having chosen the path, I feel a great sense of joy and fulfilment that I have said yes to my mission rather than bow down to the inevitable resistance that all writers face. By saying yes to Spirit I have opened myself as a channel and this has brought me closer to my Higher Self, guides and angels who are always there holding the journey. Choosing this path means you open yourself up to birth something new and unique that wouldn’t exist without you.

As a Starseed writer you become a channel, indeed a partner with Higher Forces that need you.

This means you don’t have to work it all out yourself. Your writing comes from a source beyond your conscious mind.  The source of your inspiration is not of this world, though you can be inspired by situations and people in this world. As you say yes to Spirit you open yourself to ongoing inspiration and guidance that will help to shape your work. I am not asking you to believe in anything, you may not believe in angels or guides, you just need to open to a deeper part of you that knows the way. As you do this you move from belief to experience. In time, you will feel that your mind and hands are being guided by unseen benign forces. Your job is to show up and allow these impulses of inspiration to take shape. In my own experience I have found writing to be a multidimensional experience. All of my books were written like piecing a puzzle together. An idea will come that turns into a book. I have a rough idea of how that book needs to be structured. As I begin writing I find the structure expands and perhaps I am writing chapter three before I go back to write chapters one and two.

Overcoming Resistance/Blocks.

Your time on this ascending earth is limited which means you have a certain amount of time to express what needs expressing through you. It is a universal pattern that we will feel the call to express something and at the same time feel a sense of resistance or block to express ourselves. You can be a writer, dancer, singer, poet, composer it does not matter. Every creative impulse will be met with resistance, especially in the initial stage of the journey, which may show up externally before we realise that all resistance begins on the inside.

One person who had a soul mission to write that was blocked by his family is the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, best known for his book The Alchemist. Paulo says about his experience, “When I was young, my parents sent me to a mental institution three times (1966-68). The reasons in my medical files are banal. It was said that I was isolated, hostile, and miserable at school. I was not crazy, but I was rather just a 17-year-old who really wanted to become a writer. Because no one understood this, I was locked up for months and fed with tranquilizers. The therapy consisted of giving me electroshocks. I promised to myself that one day I would write about this experience, so young people will understand that we have to fight for our own dreams from a very early stage of our lives.”

The story of Paolo Coelho is one of incredible adversity and courage.

Many Starseed writers will face a certain level of challenge and even opposition from those around them who do not understand their journey. J. K. Rowling, author of the successful Harry Potter series went through a time of poverty struggling to make ends meet as a single mother. Much of her earliest work on the Harry Potter books were carried out in a café scribbling her ideas on café napkins and making her cup of tea last as long as possible.

My own drive for self-expression was less dramatic than Paolo Coelho and JK Rowling.

When I began to awaken spiritually in 91 slowly but surely my desire to express myself in new ways began to emerge. It would take 10 years for this emerging creative impulse to take the form of a book. I had just begun my role as a director of Alternatives, a not-for-profit organisation promoting spiritual authors, when I heard a voice in my mind say, “Freeing the Spirit”. I sat in meditation with this phrase and the idea of a book began to emerge. By a strange set of synchronicities I signed a book contract with Random House after 6-weeks and in 2002 Freeing the Spirit was published. Since then I have written and published other books. My most recent being The Spiritual Entrepreneur, which I self-published under Soul Matrix publishing.  

So, why are many Starseeds called to write?

Putting aside the very 3D idea that being an author will make you rich and famous here are some higher vibe reasons you may be called to write. You may feel called to write for healing or personal growth. Many of my books contain a self-healing element for instance my book The Prosperity Game helped me heal my ten years working in the finance industry. My latest, The Spiritual Entrepreneur was a deep and powerful affirmation that I am a Spiritual Entrepreneur. You may feel called to write for the sheer joy of creative expression, this will be especially important if you grew up feeling you were invisible or did not really have a voice. You may feel you have something important to say or share, perhaps this involves something of your own life. It can be incredibly helpful and inspiring to others who are a few steps behind you in their own journey to read about how you may have navigated certain challenges or traumas to get on track in your life. Many Starseeds who have created a business feel called to write in order to further promote that business. A book can be a brilliant calling card to let people know what you do and why it could serve them. Finally, you may want to leave a legacy to your family. 

Write From Your Heart.

Some start with the focus of writing a book to make money. Spirit may guide you to write something that is in alignment with your business of say being a healer or a coach or a therapist. This is different from writing to just sell. Do not be afraid to follow your heart and write what you truly feel called to write about. I remember chatting with one friend who attended a very expensive program. Part of the program involved being mentored to self-publish a book. I asked her how it went. She did self-publish a book but not the book she wanted to write form her heart. Her book mentor said her idea would not sell and she had to come up with a more commercially solid idea. I do not think her published book did very well and she was left with a sense of regret that she did not follow her heart and write the book that was her true calling.

Writing is important because it helps you know what is within you.

Meaning it is a powerful way of releasing that vague concept of your inner potential.You cannot know what is truly inside of you as a writer or anything else for that matter whether that potential leads you to being an incredible dancer, potter, painter, entrepreneur, or leader until you start the journey. There is no way to knowing your inner potential unless you tap into what is within you and allow it to take some shape or form in the world.

As a director of a Not For Profit organisation (Alternatives) hosting non-fiction spiritual authors I learnt a number of important lessons.

One of these is that every Writer is a storytellerthis means all non-fiction writers.  I have heard many non-fiction writers speak about their work and the best were always great storytellers. For instance, I heard Wayne Dwyer speak in London back in the late 90s and he had such presence, such a voice, and his stories were so powerful and funny that I still remember some of them today. This is the sign of a great storyteller. Stories are great ways to convey a powerful theme or message. Great stories are evocative and sensory, they appeal to the right-brain imagination. On the other side of this I noticed that most academic speakers were quite dull since they were used to speaking to the logical side of their audience.

Writing is a way to discover your Authentic Self.

Meaning it helps you move beyond your Conditioned Self. It is a common pattern for Starseeds, especially those born in dense 3D families, to lose their sense of self by trying to adjust themselves in some way to fit in. You are not here to write just anything. You are not here to write in a way that pleases any particular group of people. Your Authentic Self wants you to write something meaningful and important, it wants you to write from your heart and soul. Your Authentic Self is not interested in you adjusting your writing to please or be accepted. When it comes to writing, it does not matter what your friends and peers think, what your family thinks, what the publisher thinks. What is important is the deep impulse from your true Self, your Authentic self. When you listen to this part of you and what it wants you to express in the world then your work will be in alignment with your soul’s highest calling. I say this because it took me a few years to work through this one.

Starseed Writers do not write alone.

As already mentioned, Starseed writers work in a divine collaboration with Unseen Forces, with their Unseen friends. These Unseen Friends are primarily the Higher Self and any guides or mentors on the inner planes working with you on your writing project. This means that the process of writing can be greatly amplified by learning opening to channel your inner guidance, the impulses of your team in Spirit, the impulses of the soul. Your guides/angels are always wanting to connect with you so long as you are open, willing and listening. Communication can come through a sign in the outer world such as a book falling off a bookshelf in front of you. Actually, a good friend had a book fall off a shelf and hit her. She bought the book and then went to the USA to train with the author which set her on her own writing and healing journey. Remember to ask for help and guidance. Guides/angels will not interfere with our free will. (The caveat to this is asking for help is very different to begging for help. The latter puts you in the position of supplicant/victim rather than the energy of your true sovereign being.) Ask that only beings of the highest truth and light be allowed to connect with you. Only beings who are aligned with your soul’s destiny. Take time for silence. Go into nature. Practice a deep inner listening. Align your energy through prayer and meditation. In time you may hear the gentle voice of your guides/angels of you may just feel a deep inner knowing as information is downloaded into your energy systems. Release any judgements or assumptions about how your guides/angels want to communicate with you. Release all attachments to the content of the communication. Often the most powerful guidance feels surprising but deeply true. Trust in your ability to channel.

If this is something that interests you then do check out my webinar called Channel Your Book that I run usually twice a year. 

Allow Your Writing to Flow.

You do not need to push the river; you do not need to push your inspiration or your writing. Your book already exists in some level of your consciousness. You are a channel, an instrument and you are here to birth this book. Your job is to get out of the way of your own creative self-expression. Your job is to tune in and see what wants to come into manifestation.

Thinking or even dreaming about writing is fine but just be aware that waiting to feel ready, confident or whatever enough means you may never start. This may sound obvious but to become a writer, you have to write. By starting you develop your ideas, your skills, your voice and discover what you truly have to say. The more you write the better you will get at it. As you write you will find that the flow of inspiration increases and your mind can open to new insights and new horizons.

Practical Tips.

Know Your Audience – Have a think about who your ideal reader or audience is. At what point are they in their lives? What challenges do they face? What are they concerned about? What are they interested in or value? What are they looking for? What are they needing or missing? What dreams and aspirations do they have? You are not writing for everyone. Some people will be turned off/not interested in what you have to say and that is how it should be. Think about your ideal reader in terms of gender, age, profession, background, values, hobbies etc

Some say that you should write what you know about. I say write what you are passionate about. If you are passionate about something then you will know quite a bit about it.  

Create a Writing Schedule – Make writing a priority. Diarise/ring-fence writing time.

Stay on Your Edge. Writing is not meant to be comfortable. It is meant to take you out of your familiarity zone. Expose yourself to new situations and experiences.

Stay Inspired. Find your inspirational place(s) to write. Places are important, books, CD’s, films, plays can all be sources of inspiration. Practise the art of noticing. Take a notebook with you to write down ideas as you go about your daily activities. Hang out with other creative people. They do not need to be writers they just need to appreciate the creative process.

Avoid over editing. Let your writing stew for a day or so before editing out.

Deadlines. If you do sign a book contract then you have agreed a deadline to submit your writing. If self-publishing then you can set a deadline and move it. A deadline can be motivating for some and feel a pressure to others. Make sure deadlines do not cause anxiety or burnout which means they are too tight and not very realistic. Make sure your writing routine fits with your agreed deadline.

Think Beyond Your Book

Authors are now required to put more energy into the marketing of the book, so think website, e-list/e-newsletter, blog, podcasting/video, social media. Think also when the book is ready talks, readings, radio interviews, magazine articles.

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  1. I started my book 4 years ago…but didn’t believe I go finish it.
    Thank you, Masters, Teachers and Spirit Guides for nudging me and reminding me that “we are a team.”

  2. This came up for me to listen to at exactly the right time for me. Thank you Steve you’re truly an inspiration.

  3. Thank you for your constant divine guidance, blessings of Love&Light, clairsentience&clarity for the betterment of Starseeds&Humanity.
    Nga mihi Aroha kia koe e te Rangatira Steve Nobel

  4. Thank you Steve. You’re always so articulate and when listening to you, time flies. I know I am a Starseed but struggle to find my purpose here. Lately I have been thinking back in my young teenage years about stories I wrote. Although it started as a school assignment, I put much more effort into it than required and willingly did so. Perhaps your post is my book falling off the bookshelf. Many blessings.

  5. Thank you, Steve; I have felt puzzled by the fact that my book is written but no doors open to publishing it. I have the feeling of publishing it myself. So your talk here inspired me to keep at it.
    Wondered if you would be able to review it???
    Thanks again and Blessings. Judith

  6. Wow! I’m not sure why, but tears started flowing down my face half way through this… Thank you Steve…so much gold in this piece…

  7. Thank you for the Soul Matrix. I’m starting my fourth novel (Working Title: Inner Species) using NaNoWriMo, this time I want to write from my heart. December 2021 my novel, What Feeds the Heart, was published with Atmosphere Press, a vanity publishing house. Coming up on the anniversary, I’ve yet to find my audience. Because I come from an abusive dysfunctional family upbringing, I find marketing or putting myself out there difficult. I hope for community and inner support from Source. I’m grateful.

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