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The Atlantean Transmission: Connect to the Ancient Atlantean Order of Light.

Listen to this remastered transmission to connect you to the reemerging energy of Atlantis as we enter this Age of Aquarius on the planet.

Atlantis was not just one civilization. There were 3 distinct periods. The Golden Phase of Atlantis was from 40,000 BC to 18,000 BC. A time when humanity lived in harmony with many star brothers and sisters. This was a time of light. This was a time when humanity lived in a higher state of consciousness. At the end of this period there was a partial destruction where the continent broke into 5 islands and much of the people fell under the spell of a militaristic, corporate driven leadership. This group was called ‘The Sons of Belial’ by the great seer Edgar Cayce although their true Atlantean name is lost to us.

In this final period the Atla-Ra White Priesthood also known as the Brotherhood of Light or The Law of One opposed this. The Atla-Ra Priesthood was a service to other orientation and maintained a high level of consciousness through their training. They were both male and female and were capable of great life spans, both through the regeneration of mind power and through crystal and solar technologies used in the various healing temples.

The eventual destruction of Atlantis was a traumatic event for those involved. It led to the experience of a great fall from grace and a global downshift in frequency. This event was the cause of the current dense 3D matrix we collectively experience today.

This transmission has three purposes: first it will help you to reawaken the higher consciousness of the Golden Age of Atlantis, secondly it will help you, if you were part of this group, to reawaken skills and abilities developed and honed at this time, and finally it will help to clear any fear, shock or guilt generated during the period leading to its final destruction.


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  1. The Alta-Ra Priesthood (an order that contained both men and women) began to connect with me when I was in Greece. I was sitting in a small Orthodox Greek chapel right situated next to the ocean when they made contact. There I felt a great flooding of light in the chamber and my crown felt very expanded. It took me a few more days of connecting to work out who they were. I was reminded of my own connection to this group and their struggle with the darker more materialistic forces active in the final phase of Atlantis. The more I have surrendered to this work the more my ego is being taken on a journey that is not fully comfortable. Then again the joy and many blessings of this work makes it all totally worthwhile.

      1. Hiya,
        Well I was on an intensive channelled writing retreat and this chapel was perhaps my first reasonable period of silence and stillness. The chapel was fairly isolated and right next to the sea. I think they were waiting for the first opportunity.

    1. Hi Steve, did you, way in the past, used to run the Earthspirit centre nr Glastonbury? If not then sorry, must’ve mistaken you fir someone else. I do know abt Alternatives. I thought that Earthspirit was where I met you in person. I was a partner of the guy who used to teach tantra trainings there ☺
      Anyway, somehow this article is very meaningful to me and I haven’t even listened to the transmission yet, that’s bcs currently I am living a rather unplugged life and can do only short bursts of internet on my phone.But will listen asap.
      Nevertheless I couldn’t help to see resonances between what you wrote here and what I have experienced in Crete years ago. Hopefully you will find my webpage attached where I’m describing only a small part of it, in a language I felt acceptable for a Cretan tourist website ☺
      If you see my email, you will notice “re” in the name. This I was told was a female form of Ra whom I felt a strong intuitive connection to at that time. So, here we go, it’s all coming together. Thank you for (our mutual)deep sharing and I look forward to listening. Just to add that I found yr FB post in a perfect moment when it gave me a spiritual & emotional boost I needed. Xxx

      1. Hi Hana, Yes i remember you of course. I have been to Earthspirit several times but only as a guest/participant. Gorgeous article, thanks for sharing. Sx

    2. Dear Steve,

      I remember clearly some moments and I can feel the pain when they destroyed our Atlantis. Nice to see I am not alone.

      Let’s bring back Atlantis again. The golden one with much benevolence for everybody.


    3. I can connect to this deeply. I know I was a member of the Atla-Ra Priesthood, but later on my soul journey, ended up being a corrupt monarch in Avalon. When reflecting on my time in Avalon I feel like I failed in keeping my vows to the Law of One. In my lifetimes I witnessed the occult come to be in Egypt, saw the library burned in Alexandria. Eventually I was a monarch in England who tried very hard to bring back sacred knowledge and rid my country of corruption. I surrounded myself with the top mystery scholars on my council (who I’d defied in Avalon)… I am being called to forgive myself for forgetting my vows to the Law of One, and reclaim my priesthood.

  2. Very powerful transmission energetically and with many visuals. I was thinking and “coincidentally” reading about the Egyptian God Ra today. Thank you Steve.

  3. Hey Steve, just come across this connection to Alta Ra, and it has sent my constant high pitch white noise in my head even higher. For over 6 months I have has this ringing, I feel it’s a call to return awaken or just pull my finger out of my ego life. Around that time this started, I received a download that blew my mind, but made sense once I got my head around it, though only to myself…and that was that I was one of those powerful dark wizards who succeeded in bringing down the Unity Consciousness Grid that held Atlantis and the rest together. What to make of this was my call to repair and return to unity that which I failed and faltered in my blind personal quest for power. It made sense to my soul, though mostly to explain my present life( even against the grain of my sanity and people’s perception of my being insane). Still here I am not sure where or what to do with this all, but this ringing pushes me on and as I speak n breath I had to share this..I do what is obvious in my days,and watch n avoid following an ego led life mmm ✨

    1. Hi Tim, It is the nature of this game of 3D duality to play a number of roles. Most old souls have explored the nature of darkness both as victim and perpetrator. Ultimately there is no blame just different soul choices. In this lifetime it is important which choice we make since it will determine the next phase of our soul’s evolution.

  4. This is a big opening of my 5th chakra, first time! I have been a meditator for 15 yrs. That was one of my stuck places. And yes was in Atlantis when it went under…. immense sadness. I hope it has all cleared.

  5. I have never experienced anything like that- I meditate with good result, but this felt very interactive and I felt the adjustments and energy flowing to me. Thank you.

  6. Steve it was so amazing !!! I got a lot of vision from the Atlantide – I saw myself again, doing war and fighting for the freedom and the light, and then I fall down in the shadow. I release a lot during this transmission ! Thank you so much was beautiful ! <3 my body was shaking a lot !! Saw myself with Wings and dragons. Spiritual Warriors

    was simply Amazing 🙂 thanks
    Lots of love !

  7. Thank you. I am so grateful for the awareness and those who support the awakening of the 36. We are here to empower he knowledge core of this living library and to empower others. Lights on.

  8. so beautiful, thank you. there are so many aspects that really resonate in particular the crystal world, healing, service without sacrifice, the Atlantean way of life; it felt like coming home.

      1. Thank you Steve as unable to purchase. Was led to keep scrolling and found where you made it a free track. Abundant Blessings to your soul and yours.

  9. Thanks Steve for putting so many free downloads on your site and telling us about your personal interaction with these spirits.

  10. Amazing thankyou so much clearing and activating in my body mind and soul connected to Atlantis Golden age of Atlantis

  11. Hello Steve, Thank you for this transmission and the remembrance it invoked. I just found your website today after tuning into Hurricane Irma and finding out that it is connected to the Atlantean crystals and their awakening. I have a small role in this with the “lesser” crystals and look forward to that unfolding. Through your guided meditation here, I remembered that is used to sing to the crystals as I tended some of them. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for these amazing transmissions. I tried this one a couple of months ago (I had a past life flash back last year to dying on Atlantis, crushed under a rock during an earthquake towards the end) but I couldn’t handle the energies at that time, so backed away and stopped the transmission. I find myself back at it today via your magician transmission (I have been feeling a call towards shamanism recently and that transmission called loudly) I had an incredibly strong vision of myself on Atlantis, calling down light, weaving it and placing it into crystals which were then placed into water sources. The reaction i had to this vision was unlike anything I had felt before. I visceral rush of power and emotion. I intend to try this transmission again and hope it helps me uncover more of this past life. Much gratitude and live to youu for all the work you do on our behalf xx

  13. Steve,
    Thank you so much for this exquisite, powerful, needed transmission. I sobbed during the recognition and release of guilt and survivor guilt. Oh, yes. Knowing myself as a person of power and influence dreading what I knew at the time would be happening during the end times of Atlantis has been with me for many years. I needed this.

  14. This was an unexpected gift. I found this transmission just before bed. I fell asleep during and the one visual I had was of the Pleiades cluster. My awakening continues to lead me further down the path. The time will come when we will all unite…

  15. I am grateful beyond words for this transmission and the gifts it has given me. Thank you for making this available! This is life-changing for me. Love, light and more love to you!

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