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Spiritual Awakening and the Ego.

We are in important time frame on the planet. We could call this a great awakening in consciousness which is helping the planet transition from darkness to light. This planet has been a ‘dark’ planet for some time now. We just have to read the history books on what has been happening here the past few thousand years to realise that. Many spiritual masters and avatars have incarnated here to help seed light on the planet. This has not been an easy task since the powers that be have often sought to kill the messenger and twist the message. We just need to look at the history of Christianity to understand this. Now we are in a time predicted by many prophecies, a time of great darkness followed by great light. This is a process of moving from fear and separation consciousness to love and unity consciousness. In order to awaken and assist in this process on the planet we must initially turn and face ourselves, our own ego.

In many spiritual circles, the ego seems to gets a bad press. Many spiritual teachers have suggested that the ego is our spiritual enemy. The thinking goes…. The ego is a false sense of identity, it is a mental construct, one that creates untold emotional dramas that block spiritual awakening. Now, this may be the case but the usual suggested solution to destroy the ego or cast it as something bad and evil is not helpful in the slightest. Actually, in my experience this can create something even more difficult to deal with, the spiritual ego. I have met spiritual teachers that claim they do not have an ego. Such individuals tend to create chaos and mayhem in their wake, all the while berating the ego of their students and ignoring their own input into the various dramas they create. Many spiritual teachers have toppled off their lofty pedestals because of this. Another challenge is around the term enlightenment. There are many that claim or allude to such a status. I tend to be very wary of anyone making such claims. As we know there is no agreed standard on enlightenment. As a generalised term it indicates an individual has opened to light within all layers of their personality. Light in the physical body, light in the etheric/chakra body, light in the emotional body, light in the mental body. The more an individual on the path of ascension opens all of their being to light the more their higher nature (Higher Self) becomes the captain of their ship. This is a great blessing since then we feel more guided in our earth-walk and more aligned with synchronicities entering our life. We feel ourselves to be in the flow. This is not possible when our ego is in charge of our decisions and actions.

So transforming the ego is an essential aspect of the ascension process. As hopefully you can see, we need great honesty and compassion to make this happen. We do not need to attacking and berate the ego, there is an approach that is more loving and produces better long-term results. This approach I endorse is ego awareness/ego transformation.

What is the Difference Between Ego and Authentic Self?

This is a hard one since the ego has been developing since the womb. Perhaps we could say that our authentic self is pure awareness beyond emotional reaction or intellectual judgements. There are times in our life when we touch something magical, seeing a gorgeous sunrise, birth of a child, meditation, or going on a spiritual retreat. These are points of reference to something that exists within the depths of our being. Such experiences are signposts to a deeper experience that exists beyond all our earthly coping mechanisms.

The Ego is Not a Fixed Something.

The ego is difficult to define because the ego isn’t one specific thing. It is actually made up of many different energies and beliefs that a person acquires over their life. The ego developed to help us cope in an uncertain world. In 3D we need an ego to survive.

We were born into the world, helpless, vulnerable and dependant on others for our survival. Perhaps we began to associate our mother’s voice with comfort. It seemed there was no separation between us and our mother. Mother was our universe. Gradually we realised that there was more than mother. As we grew we developed new associations, perhaps a fear of the dark and being left alone, perhaps a feeling of being safe and happy when being fed. Through all of these associations we slowly evolve a concept of self, of ‘I’ and other. The older we get the more complex our associations became. These associations, or energy-belief groupings we can call sub-personalities. So, the ego is not one fixed thing. The ego is fluid and made up of a gestalt of energy-belief associations. Interestingly these groupings could hold very different perspectives on life and what was needed to cope or thrive. We can have sub-personalities that are quite pleasing and accommodating in nature. We can also have a sub-personality that is more contrary-rebellious in nature. One part of us may feel ambitious and wanting to make our mark in the world while another part can be quite chilled out. It is quite common to have very opposite energy-belief associations although one will tend to be more dominant and the other more in the shadows.

Think of the Ego as a Collection of Computer Programs.

Another way to think of these sub-personalities is to imagine they are computer programs that get triggered in certain situations. The dominant program can we switched off for a time allowing for another program to come into play. So, for example we may have a default achiever that wants us to get on and make our mark in the world. But in a certain situation, such as going on holiday and having a few drinks by the beach, we may find that our achiever is calmed down and replaced by a more fun-loving aspect. Another example, is a very hard working studious woman who is taken dancing by her friends and meets a young man. Suddenly she is confronted with new feelings. She enjoys the company of this young man and finds herself laughing at things she would normally consider silly. She has romantic feelings for this man that feel unfamiliar yet very pleasant. There are countless other examples of ways our dominant personality is put to sleep to allow something else to arise. One of the things I have found when working with sub-personalities is that every energy is balanced by its opposite even if the person is not consciously aware of that opposite.

The Spiritual Journey and the Ego.

Part of the spiritual journey is about developing an awareness of all of our selves. Especially the ones that operate in the shadows. These are the ones that can tend to sabotage our efforts since they are operating on another agenda. One we are not fully aware of. Another reason to develop an awareness of all of our sub-personalities is that the moment we step on a spiritual path and embrace more light this tends to shake up our sub-personalities. Some aspects of the self may not like our spiritual aspirations and may seek to block our path. This is why may spiritual teachers have tended to label the ego as ‘bad’ and something we need to destroy. Perhaps our conditioning from family, education, religion made us wary of anything spiritual. Perhaps we have past life trauma that blocks us from desiring to fully commit to the journey. On the other hand some sub-personalities may actually support and desire the journey to proceed. These are our allies just as much as spiritual guides can be. These are internal energies that support the way forward.

Do You Have a Negative Ego Problem?

The easiest way to know whether you have ‘negative’ sub-personalities at play is to ask yourself: Do I feel blocked in any area of my life particularly my spiritual life? There are other clues. Ask yourself, do I feel superior to others for any reason? Do I feel inferior to another for any reason? If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you know you have some work to do. Another way to tell if you have ‘negative sub-personalities is to notice if you have a need to be right. If you are angrily arguing or defending or cannot back down and admit you may have been wrong or made a mistake then you have work in this area. If you compare yourself to another, believing someone is more intelligent, or beautiful, or successful etc then you have work to do. If you play the blame game then you have work to do.

Ego Awareness – Ego Transformation.

In spiritual coaching sessions, I have encountered many sub-personalities in clients that oppose the journey. This is very common and something that needs to be navigated if the journey is to continue with any meaningful momentum. Some sub-personalities can block the chakras from fully opening. The throat (expression centre) and third eye (vision centre) are common favourites. Another common one is for sub-personalities to seek to avoid embracing a path because of something that happened in a past life. Just think for example Spanish Inquisition and you will get some idea of why a sub-personality will feel it needs to protect you from something awful happening. Another common issue is sub-personalities either working against each other or not working in harmony. I had one client who had a lifelong problem because of this issue. One part of her was an over-generous hippy that welcomed people to stay in her home. “Sure, come on over, you’ll love it here.” This was all very well but she had another part which we could call her clean-up manager who would come in shortly after saying, “What are you doing, you do not know these people…”. This quickly led to a very different conversation around boundaries of time and money which left many guests feeling bewildered and confused. The solution in this case was very simple. Get the two sub-personalities to work together at the same time. Now this may sound very simple yet when we did the work the young woman cried for some time. The energy shift was simple yet profound.

In working with clients, I have found that blocking sub-personalities want to help, it’s just they do not really know how to help. Perhaps a sub-personality developed a strategy at a young age that no longer works in adult years. They want to help but do not know a better way. For instance developing an arguing sub-personality may have made sense at a certain time but once that becomes the fixed modus operandi then the person usually finds they get into unnecessary problems. Once the sub-personality is shown a better way most are eager to help and adopt a new more helpful strategy.

I find it very common for clients to have a desire for something and an equal and opposite desire at the same time for something else to happen. This is like driving a car with one foot on the accelerator pedal and the other on the brake pedal. Not only does this waste an incredible amount of psychic energy over time it also puts an unnecessary strain on the person’s health. Working with sub-personalities and getting them to work in harmony with each other helps to neutralise any unconscious sabotage going on in a client. Some sub-personalities feel so worn out doing the same thing for years that they want to be sent to convalescence. This again is a simple process with the help of a person’s Higher Self and guides. There are temples of light that are there to help with this work.


The aim of this work is to help untangle unnecessary blocks in the client’s energy field. It also helps to make the ego a safe and string to container to enable more light to be held in the energy bodies. If you want more information on this work just drop me a line through the contact page. Blessing Steve Ahnael Nobel



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  1. Fascinating and is just how I somewhat tried to explain my rollercoasting through the subclauses of my interfaces.

  2. Hello Steve,
    I relate to your sharing.
    I feel as if I have been blocked of sharing my gifts of healing in a joyful work place that serves my soul calling. Instead I’m taking any job to pay my bills. I justify the joy of simply being in service while I build up my business of offering my decluttering passion fulltime. I’m sensitive during these energy upgrades and seek more quiettime along with financial abundance. Open heart sharing my friend.

  3. I am dealing with sub-personality blocking me from moving forward.I have been experiencing Dark Night of the soul and need help navigating this new terrain.

  4. Absolutely loved your blog on sub personalities and I AM wanting to know more or if this may be affecting me from growth I’ve always been a lover and I see good in everything however I also see how others may perceive things to be. The duality we currently live in always has two sides and I tend to see both but focus on the positive most times I understand I currently have blocks within and I have healing and balancing to do any guidance into this area would be greatly appreciated much love to you and thanks again for this great article ❤️

  5. Hi Steve, I am very glad that you shared this explanation related to the concepts of ego and the spiritual ego ..this is what indeed feels right to me…I have never felt ok with the idea that the ego should be fight of and destroyed, for the simple reason that I do not believe in fighting…but I do believe in understanding, growth and transformation!

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