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Magic Earth, Multidimensional Spirit. Glastonbury Retreat –April 2019

This retreat runs from the 19th to 21st April 2019 starting 3pm on the Friday and finishing 3pm on the Sunday. Your investment is £255 (which does not include accommodation or travel). Full details will be sent on booking.

We are living through extraordinary times! This year 2019 is witnessing an intensification of light. Starseeds are moving rapidly through the caterpillar/cocoon/butterfly phase. It is now time to spread your wings, embrace a higher frequency of light and take flight.

We are all Divine beings living in a physical form and our task is to wake up to the vastness of our multidimensional selves. We are now being prompted to shake off old conditioning and embrace the new frequencies that are impacting the planet that seek to liberate our wild heart and bright spirit.

This retreat, during this time of Easter, is an opportunity to heal some of the old schisms that have been a hallmark of the old 3D paradigm. Schisms such as that of light and dark. One of the ways this has manifested is the split between the old Pagan ways of working closely with the Earth and the later Christian religion. At one time, in Britain, these two paths worked in unity. Now, as the 5D energies are anchoring on the planet, old religious and spiritual schisms need to be healed.

Visiting powerful sacred sites such as Glastonbury is important during this time of awakening. It allows for an experience of elemental forces and the crystalline grid in a powerful way. The deeper we are able to send our roots into this grid, the higher we can reach into the Ascension grid of Light.

This retreat is an opportunity to pause, reflect, clear out 3D astral clutter and experiment with new energies and techniques. If you feel stuck, in need of some clarity, a deeper connection with yourself and Spirit. then this retreat is for you. On this retreat:

*Release anxiety, old karmic blocks, self-doubt and internal blocking voices that are linked to the old 3D Matrix,
*Expand your core vibration into the higher soul spectrum of light, love, joy, and miracle consciousness,
*Access the wisdom/guidance of your Higher Self and Healing Teams in Spirit,
*Trust in the Universal creative life force that flows through you,
*Connect with your Wild Heart and Bright Spirit.

There will be time for quiet personal introspection, group activities as well as time to spend in nature. You will experience a variety of ways to expand your consciousness, and activate the magic and creativity within. Be prepared for: various group processes, creative visualisation, meditation, high frequency transmissions and more in the magical energies of Glastonbury. Specifically, we will be visiting The Tor, Chalice Well Garden and Wearyall Hill.


Steve Ahnael Nobel is an author, book mentor, spiritual coach, and healer. He is the creator of Soul Matrix Healing which is a blend of down to earth coaching techniques and energy tools for clearing karmic ‘blocks’. Steve was a director of Alternatives between 2000-2012. Visit

Catherine Björksten is a Soul Plan reader and Awakening Guide. Her work is focused on helping her clients remember who they are in essence so that they can live an authentic and fulfilling life as they self-realise. She draws upon her shamanic studies, psychotherapy background, spiritual counselling skills, multidimensional guidance and life experience as a mother of two. She offers a practical approach to spirituality in daily life. Along with her private practice, she is a consultant at the College of Psychic Studies in London. Visit

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  1. Hi Steve, I live half an hour up the road from Glastonbury I am interested in attending. I wont need accomodation hopefully as I am expecting to be able to drive. I do have some accommodation for others too if required. Look forward to hearing from you. This workshop sounds great.

    1. Hiya, yes the course cost does not include accommodation. So you can book and come from home. If you let me know how many people you can accommodate plus where you are and cost I will pass it on to people booking. Sx

    2. Hi Kath

      My friend and I are looking into doing this Retreat. We will be travelling from Jersey. Please could I ask what accommodation you are offering and the cost for the night before, i.e. Thursday (best for us to leave Jersey the day before to give us time to get to Glastonbury). We would try to leave Sunday evening, if flights/times work out. We need to look into all of this but I thought it worthwhile to check with you about accommodation.
      I look forward to hearing from you – thank you for this offering. Best and warm regards, Wendy

  2. Hi
    Is anyone driving to Glastonbury for this retreat from anywhere near Surrey M23 or M25 junction 8?
    Would love and be grateful to car share and contribute towards petrol if possible.

  3. I would love to come but am in Dorset, is there any accommodation available as it’s Easter and may be a bit challenging to find accommodation. I would need a room to myself though. I am very keen to come

  4. Good morning, Steve. Thank you for the wonderful workshop last Saturday. Would it be possible to pay a deposit only for the retreat to secure my space? Thank you, Hana Stepanova

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