“An often-overlooked factor in healing is work with the body elemental. The body elemental is in charge of manifesting the divine blueprint for your body. Innocent and childlike, masterful and intelligent. That body elemental is also given the responsibility of keeping your vital subconscious functions working in order: it governs respiration and the rate of the heart. As soon as there is a wound in the body, it immediately rushes in to close that wound and prevent infection. The antibodies flow into that area not purely by happenstance but by direction, because there is a vital intelligence within you that is a part of God.” ~Teachings of the Ascended Masters, Hilarion the Healer

In this meditation we meet, communicate and work with the Body Elemental to release any aspects that need to return to the Crystalline Grid of the Earth. We also invite new elemental energies that are more in line with your ascension path of light. We clear any agreements or promises made with the bloodlines or from other lifetimes that is interfering with the functioning of the Body Elemental. We then unify the Younger Self with the Conscious Self. We then unify the Conscious Self with the Higher Self thus unifying all Three Selves.

The Body Elemental is part of the triad of consciousness with the other two aspects being your conscious mind and your Higher Self. This triad of consciousness is who we are while in a physical body. We could also call the Body Elemental the Unconscious Mind which is responsible for the automatic functioning of the physical body. It keeps the heart beating, it assists you breathing when you are focused on other things, causes the lymph system to circulate, your eyes to blink, your stomach to digest your food, and many other tasks that you probably never think about. This aspect is in charge of memory and data filtering from the external senses. The unconscious mind filters out anything that runs counter to your belief systems and looks for data to support your beliefs. This aspect is also in charge of the etheric body, our chakra system. In 3D it opens and closes our chakras very much like the iris of the eye responds to sunlight.
This is the part of us that is the emotional self, the part that laughs and cries. This is the Younger Self that some consider the inner child. The unconscious holds all our memories and conditioning in this lifetime. Conditioning is connected to learning. Naturally, there is conditioning that we accept as we are growing up that is not helpful and needs to be cleared in adulthood. However, conditioning has an important function since it allows us to learn. We can learn to drive a car and then do it without consciously thinking about it. We can learn to play the piano and then just play without thinking too much. We can learn to dance and then we just do it. Actually, when we think too much with our conscious mind about the activity, we can interrupt the flow. At the deeper levels of the unconscious mind we hold memories from other lifetimes. Our unconscious mind is aware of both traumatic lifetimes and also blessed ones where we activated our Soul Gifts.


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