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Ascension News: Global Pandemonium 2020.

Before I begin this article on the Global Pandemonium gripping human communities across the planet right now please note this is the product of my own research and personal revelations and is not intended to be considered as the one and only truth. I encourage you to have an open mind, do your own research and tune into your own inner wisdom in order to come up with your own conclusions. (Based on this article I will soon be creating a Wellness Shield Meditation which is intended to address all the factors herein mentioned.)

Just as we allow, attract and create our own reality there is a collective reality creation going on at the same time. This collective level is responsible for the creation of certain global events including earth changes, extreme weather and the 2020 Pandemonium. In regard to the Global Pandemic five factors especially need mentioning:


The first is that of the ascension process which is a conflict between two paradigms and two ways of seeing and moving through the world. This ascension process was activated in Galactic time and will run for a number of years. It began after WW2 and ran up to the trigger point of 2012 where the collective decision was made that this planet would ascend in consciousness and vibration. This process includes a gradual shift away from the old paradigm that sees the earth as a treasure trove of resources that need to be grabbed and secured before anyone else gets their hands on them. We have all endured this old paradigm for some time now and we know how highly competitive and aggressive it tends to be. In democratic countries this paradigm rules through manipulation, deceit, lies, and highly persuasive propaganda. This is all backed up by the rule of law and the power of the media. Though in Western countries the real power calling all the shots are not the governments, nor even the corporations. There are powers higher up the food chain that are mostly hidden from the collective. In countries ruled by oligarchies and tyranny much the same happens except the rule of law tends to be harsher and there is less subtlety in the propaganda and more direct arm twisting. The new kid on the block is a new paradigm that is bringing a wave of spiritual renaissance which is currently rippling across the globe. The clash of these two paradigms has intensified since the turn of the century. The old paradigm and its controlling forces became more aware of the threat and intensified their efforts to retain control starting with the all-important 9/11 event. The new paradigm is not interested in religion or atheism. It is not interested in the old construct of growth through struggle and suffering. The new paradigm is seeking to bring a new mindset and awareness of the unity of all living things. It is also heralding a shift in growth through joy, fun, appreciation, love, celebration and so on.

The second factor, which builds on the first, is that of collective guilt concerning the way we are treating the planet and all living beings upon Her. This is affecting those embedded in the old paradigm mainly in the developed world. This collective guilt will be felt if the lifestyle is out of balance with the new paradigm and the ascension process even though at a conscious level there is usually little or no awareness of it. Basically, humanity in the developed world cannot keep doing what it is doing on the planet and expect everything will be fine. The planet can no longer be treated like a huge landfill. We cannot keep treating the oceans in the same way. We cannot keep farming the land and treating animals so inhumanly and unethically and expect everything will be fine. We cannot keep burning down the Amazon and destroying the forests in the Northern Hemisphere and expect this can go on indefinitely. All living kingdoms across the planet are suffering and are calling for change. Not only is the lifestyle of the majority of people living in the developed world so out of sync with the ascension process it is continually encouraged through a vast array of daily advertising campaigns reaching out to us through all available marketing platforms. It is common knowledge that the planet is under great strain at the moment. Many species of fish, insects, birds, and animals are becoming extinct or are being threatened with extinction. Gaia is strongly reacting now and seeking to purge herself of the old paradigm.

The third factor, which follows on from the second, is that many across the globe feel incredibly stuck and angry at the circumstances they find themselves in. This collective anger is very present and powerful in the developing world. It is common knowledge that many humans at the bottom of the patriarchal pyramid are only just surviving while many in the top 0.001% are swimming in incredible wealth. It is also very present in the developed world where the gap between the haves and have nots are widening daily. Since this collective anger has little leeway for any positive expression and little leeway to generate any meaningful change it is inviting radical change through a global calamity that will force change. (If you look at history you will see that the most dramatic social change tends to follow in the wake of global disasters such as war. For instance, in the UK the rigid class system began to break down after WW1. Similarly, strict gender roles in the workplace began to break down after WW2.)

The fourth factor, which may at first glance seem completely unrelated, is the recent introduction of new (5G) cellular technology in certain parts of the globe. This new technology promises much though with little concern for the potential dangers. This technology is said to be 100 times faster than the previous (4G) technology. Many have raised concerns about this technology including scientists who have researched into electromagnet fields in humans, plants and animals. Though there has been no research into the health effects on (5G) or even (4G) because of a lack of funding. Now take a breath for this next bit. This technology was introduced into the area in 2019 where the pandemic first began. It has also present on the cruise ships which have also featured so prominently in the outbreak. Now I am not asking you to believe this. Do some research and you will find so many articles from the mainstream already debunking the link between the outbreak and the new technology. It seems that there is a concerted effort being made to debunk all such claims. Perhaps a raw nerve has been touched. Just consider that this technology has already consumed a considerable investment of time and money and the owners of that technology not only have the resources and connections to defend their investment they also have a strong reason to continue to do so.

The fifth factor is that of fear which is not so much a cause but the vibrational carrier that enables the outbreak to spread. Fear is being spread through the media and all possible platforms. This has created panic buying in many places and also has had the effect of slowing down global economies. Fear lowers our vibration and also can invite in certain scenarios that we would want to avoid. When our vibration is high illness and disease cannot be active and exist in the same way in our physical bodies. Starseeds are naturally sensitive and tend to absorb the energies flowing around in their environment. However, as soon as they become aware of the issue they can quickly transform and release these energies in their fields. So please on a daily basis just release any collective energies you have picked up concerning this Global Pandemonium 2020.

OK, having said all of that here are some final thoughts. To finish on a down to earth practical note, I recommend you check out this nutritional expert who has written about the use of vitamin and mineral supplements to combat the virus.

There is a story that during the infamous Bubonic Plague (Black Death) in the early 1400’s that devastated much of Europe that four thieves were caught and charged with stealing from the sick and dying. Despite having close contact with the plague victims, they never contracted the disease. The story goes that the judge was so intrigued by their apparent immunity to the disease, that he made them an offer. If they shared their secret, he would spare them the worst punishment for their crime. This is the recipe they were said to have shared.


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    1. Unfortunately here in the U.K. we cannot buy this particular blend – this company only supplies in Canada

  1. You are amazing, I am 57 as of April 30, I have not had a cold or a flu bug in almost 2 decades, I am Virgo rising, I take pride in healthcare for myself! Very sovereign being I am! I do powdered vitamin C on top of all the healthy food I eat, it really does make a difference along with zinc colloidal silver vitamin d etc. anyway thank you for all you do Steve

    1. Shelley Jo I am 50 on 2 April—Virgo Rising! I have the same situation! Any time I feel concerns regarding health arise, I do iridescent light visualizations—it’s palpable how beautifully it works. So grateful! It’s always wonderful to find “others” who love Steve and his work. I wish every being could come to know more of his offerings. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Great recipes for success!
    Do your shadow work, Starseeds!
    Be the light and distraction from fear in all dimensions and time streams !

  3. I like your view of this virus. My doctor of naturopathy told me, that the role of viruses is to release toxins from the body. He told me that when I asked him why is he cheering when I got viral bronchitis. Yesterday I watched on YouTube video from Crimson Circle with a message from St. Germain on Coronavirus. He says that the purpose of viruses is to balance energies. He calls this coronavirus economic virus.
    And one more thing: this virus originated in filth. And it definitely brings up a lot of dirty energy.

    1. Excellent! Having had chronic bronchitis since January 1st 2014 I know what you say to be true, Joanna.

  4. I find that NBC news (media) has been quite responsible giving updates on the Coronavirus (personal opinion). Most of the sources of select social media that I read have also been giving more practical options for dealing with flu symptoms. I have been diffusing essential oils as well. I did however stock up on pantry items and paper products and some pain relievers. Just enough for 2 or 3 weeks. I don’t want to ignore the news and I don’t want to panic. I did HIDE youtube videos that started popping up for ‘survivalists’. My plan of attack…. I really don’t like using that word …. is lots of rest, staying aware, positive thoughts and washing my hands and using lotion. Eating as healthy as possible and not letting fear take a hold unnecessarily. May all be well and safe.

    1. As I tuned in to the collective of Sweden this morning, I felt fear and anxiety concerning the virus for the first time. The media have bombarded people about this, EVERYONE is talking about it, even young children! How can I help clear this energy from the collective? Much love and blessings

  5. Is there anyone with financial privilege that would be willing to buy and donate a bottle of thieves oil for me? I live on SSI and not even able to afford healthy organic food at this time. Yes, I am meditating to Steve Nobel’s abundance transmission.

  6. Steve, this is incredibly helpful. Thank you! Any thoughts on how Lightworkers and Starseeds can be proactive in clearing dense energies for the collective? I know I’m personally working as proxy to transform and transmute, yet I feel like there’s another “level” to go. Open to your insights.
    Blessings and Goodness…

  7. Thank you for sharing. Everything resonated with me and when I finished reading there were111 views and 11 comments. That’s a confirmation for me. Sending you light and love

  8. Steve~ you are a Bright Light and Fantastic Guide in these unsettling times of Evolution. Thank you for sharing those health links. I will continue to broadcast unconditional Love to the entire Gaia and her inhabitants Love and Light Blessings, Christina

  9. I use 3 of the oils already. Need more cinnamon and haven’t been using my clove. Caution with that one. Hot, or caustic. Be sure to use a carrier oil if applying to body by itself. Rosemary has been beneficial with slowing down hair loss. Both it and lemon help the brain and neurotransmitters. Cleans the gunk out.
    Thanks for your views, Steve! Keep it up!

  10. Beautiful message – thank you for sharing and sending positive vibes. Interesting about the 5g link – i will definitely be researching that. Thank you Steve x

  11. Steve thank you so so much. I didn’t realize your website has commenting capacity. Between your fast-moving, beautiful frequencies and reading the posts of fellow followers, I feel more vibrant.

    You are very gifted, and a giver of gifts. You are WAY “up” vibrationally—AND so cogent that people who might not yet “speak/understand this language,” can. It gives me tons of hope. I have shared your incredible work with many, and many have had light bulb moments as the result. Steve thank you. Thank all who support you and Nature her/himself for offering your gifts to us all.

  12. Thank you for this perspective. I have felt that while this is a serious health issue, the fear-mongering is lending itself to irrational behaviors and responses. I also am wary of the whole 5G technology until we understand more about its impact on us physiologically and energetically.

    Please keep bringing the light – it’s so appreciated!

  13. I’ve been making four thieves vinegar for years. Great stuff and it works like a charm. Taste amazing in salads. Let food be thy medicine. My mom mentioned that the entire state of Utah was sold out of toilet paper because of the bug. I got a laugh out of that. Chinese skullcap destroyed the sars and coronavirus. I’m surprised that these aren’t sold out. Thank you for all that you do Steve, and for all that we are doing for humanity and the ascension process of this beautiful planet.

  14. Dear Steve, thank you for your perception and discernment.

    For the past three days I have constantly Seen Earth sitting inside a Diamond.

    Again..thank you. Love Annette

  15. Thank you for this! I’ve been using Thieves essential oils for 5 years. I used to get nasty head and chest stuff every year around November and I would be under the weather until about March.

    I haven’t been sick in 5 years. I’ve saved hundreds in visits to the clinic and other things. Using this oil and many others has changed my life for the better.

    Know your sources and how things are grown. Research. People made fun of me for being ‘oily’. I get it. I used to think it was silly too. Now I know better.

    Be blessed my friend… and oil up ❤️

  16. I am posting this on behalf of Kaye & Teddy Bear who are having trouble posting for some reason……….

    Greetings Steve,

    Offering a caveat here regarding the use of essential oils. Earning a certification many moons ago, has made me cautious whenever employing these, as their high concentrations make them deceptively potent. Essential oils can be beneficial or harmful depending on many variables. Here’s the best of my research /experience to help us all make wise decisions that protect & each other. Although oil sensitivities, like allergies are different for each individual. We do know that the most vulnerable are our beloved young children & babies, pets & animals; the most vulnerable include dogs, cats, birds, bunnies – all animals & anyone with breathing challenges or skin sensitivities.
    Allergies & Sensitivities
    1. “Natural” doesn’t equal healthy/safe. E.g. mushrooms while delicious to some, cause anaphylaxis in others.
    2. The essential oils’ effects depend on many factors such as : one’s sensitivity levels & species, age, health, manufacturing & production standards, quality of the oil (organic vs. artificial), production standards, distillation order(strength), & extraction method, as well as the quality, concentration & toxic effect of the carrier oil –if present.
    3. Using Carrier Oils: Be sure to research their safety/toxicity also.Some essential oils, considered safe at very low concentrations, may be very toxic at higher concentrations; so the percentage of the essential oil as well as the type of carrier oil chosen to use in the dilution, is of utmost importance.
    4. Honor your body. Just because the plant is pleasant when encountered in nature, does not mean that the oil will be. One can love the scent of roses and have an allergic reaction to rose essential oil.
    5. Trust your discernment & guidance. Just because something is recommended doesn’t mean it’s right for you & yours.
    6. In my experience, no oil is ever completely safe for everyone. True oils’ vibrations are extremely higher than artificial oils.
    7. Beware/avoid active diffusers which are currently in vogue in stores & offices , that spray toxic shocking blasts of huge asphyxiating drops of mystery oils (at my body, making breathing difficult).
    8. Certain oils/essential oils may be beneficial to humans while being very toxic to dogs & even more so to cats, who lack a certain enzyme & can lead to extreme suffering, liver failure…death. So, please do your research.
    Consider the Source
    1. Research , thoroughly focusing on possible risks, consequences & effects for all who may be exposed. Search for reputable, reliable, respected sources with high standards. Use high quality organic whenever possible & avoid artificial oils which can be toxic. Read reviews before buying. Find experts in the field if possible.
    2. Beware of sites that mix in false information such as using grapeseed oil/aloe as carrier oils -when grape anything & aloe are known to be toxic to dogs.
    3. Please contact your own trusted doctors, veterinarians , pharmacists, health care professionals & experts in this field for guidance.
    Reputable Sources
    Source #1: Owner of a company who always earns Organic USDA Certified seals to ensure quality of their products
    It can be challenging to find consensus, even with physicians & veterinarians about which oils may be safe/unsafe, so I recently interviewed an expert. This person produces oral care & other products (with essential oils as ingredients) & voluntarily undergoes the rigors of USDA certification to protect us consumers. Their recommendation is to “stick to” products which proudly display their Organic USDA Certified seals on their labels, calling this “the safest way for consumers to ensure that any products are exactly” what the producer claims that they are.

    Source #2: 24/7 ANIMAL POISON CONTROL CENTER articles by Kia Benson, DVM, Associate Veterinarian, Clinical Toxicology
    “Essential Oils and Cats”
    “Updates on Essential Oils”
    Ms. Benson warns that using essential oils for flea & tick prevention or skin conditions can be dangerous, as the oils are absorbed quickly via ingestion, breathing, & skin. Higher concentrations (15%-100%) are more of a threat, so never apply concentrated oils directly to dogs’ or cats’ [or any animals’] skin. Cats are more vulnerable since -while grooming themselves or another -they can ingest the toxin which they don’t have he enzyme to metabolize. Side effects ( dogs/ cats) may include vomiting ,respiratory distress, seizures, paralysis & kidney failure. In her lists of essential oils known to cause poisoning in dogs & cats, 4 /5 of the Thieves’ Oil are included.
    She writes, “LIke oil and water, essential oils and animals really do not mix…[caution is advised when people use any form of] essential oils, products… and essential oil diffusers … in order to protect their dog or cat from a toxic risk. Prevention is the best medicine in limiting essential oil toxicities.”
    “If a cat or dog has been exposed to an essential oil, concerned pet owners or veterinarians are encouraged to consult with Pet Poison Helpline. “
    (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this group.)

    Thanks for proceeding with caution when using any essential oils.

    Blessings to All.
    Kaye & Teddy Bear

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