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The Starseed Entrepreneur. 1-Day London Workshop. Sunday 8th March 2020.

This 1-day workshop is for you if you are considering starting a conscious business or already engaged in a Spiritual Business. It is for anyone wanting to create more ease, flow and grace in their business. This workshop will assist you in upgrading your vision and your business energetically. It will offer practical tools to expand your client base and your abundant flow.

An Awakened Entrepreneur Has a Unique Mindset. There is a great shift in consciousness in moving from an employee to an entrepreneur. No longer is the parent company responsible for your pay-check at the end of each month. Now you are the one generating your own success or lack of it. Now there is no boss you are answerable to; you are your own boss. There is no-one else deciding on the direction of the company, the buck stops with you. You are the visionary and, if you are a sole trader, you are also the manager and possibly a number of other roles. This shift is not easy and does not happen overnight. It is important that becoming an entrepreneur is a massive shift in consciousness. This is not everyone’s path, for those who are called it is certainly a hero’s journey!

An Awakened Entrepreneur has a Healthy Relationship to Spirit and is Super Connected. Meaning connected to what is truly important, connected to those in this physical realm who are connected in a positive meaningful way to your business and also connected to the many beings in Spirit who are willing to be of assistance.

An Awakened Entrepreneur has internally Balanced Masculine/Feminine Energies. Working with both the left (masculine) qualities of logic, planning, strategic thinking and right-brain (feminine) qualities of imagination, intuition, creativity and trust.

An Awakened Entrepreneur has a Strong Intuition which they Listen to and Follow. Most successful entrepreneurs if not all have a strong intuition, though they may call it by another name. In the past logic was the leading force in business. Now that has all changed.

An Awakened Entrepreneur has a Developed Sense of Creativity and Play. Hard work is the way of 20th Century business. Nowadays, the more creative and playful the business, usually, the more successful it tends to be. Strong Intuition which they Listen to and Follow.

An Awakened Entrepreneur has a Healthy Relationship with Risk Taking. No-one is the same and there is no magic formula that everyone can follow. It is important to find a healthy balance with risk taking. Too much caution can create just as much challenge as too much impulsiveness.

An Awakened Entrepreneur has a Healthy Relationship with Money. A Spiritual Business is primarily a Service to Other vehicle. The prime motive is not to make a lot of money although that is a nice side-effect. Money is the fuel for the journey and not the point of the journey.

An Awakened Entrepreneur has a Clear Vision and Mission. It is important to have a larger vision than we can possibly achieve in one lifetime. This vision and mission will translate into an enticing brand that many will positively respond to.

An Awakened Entrepreneur is Multi-talented. Entrepreneurs need to develop a broad range of skills. Those that cannot be developed need to be bought in. Fortunately, there are many freelancers who can be easily hired through well respected websites that can deliver. We do not need to know everything.

An Awakened Entrepreneur decides to be Visible. Being visible these days means being comfortable with having an online presence, a webite and being active, to siome extent, on social media. it also means being visible in other ways such as being willing to connect with others at ‘live’ events, perhaps also being comfortable in giving public talks. (This will depend on the nature of the business naturally).

An Awakened Entrepreneur Knows how to work Energetically to Enhance their Business. Everything is energy. Relationships are energy. A business is energy. Energy is meant to flow it does not like to stagnate. In this webinar we will be exploring your business from an energetic point of view. You can learn to enhance the energy of your business and attract more clients and even expand income streams.

Venue: Columbia Hotel, 99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

Investment: £77

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  1. Splendid! I would love to come! Not sure I can due to existing commitments. But the summary here is precise and clear and helpful by itself.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Steve, any chance that we can do over this workshop and take it one more time. I took it on November 6 2019 and it would be very awesome if you would let me do it again as I am getting ready to launch my website.

  3. Can this webminar be available in your store for download ? we live in Western Canada and the timing of the broadcast does not work for us.
    Many thanks for your help

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