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Metatron, Michael and Sandalphon Transmission: Angelic Protection in the Three Worlds

Three Worlds…

In shamanism there is the concept of the three worlds. The middle world is the world of physical reality, the world of relationships. The density of this world and our relationships is shifting as we move through the ascension process. The lower world is that of the elementals, nature spirits and of the ancestors. The lower world consists of an old grid of the 3D Earth and a crystalline grid of the New 5D Earth. The Upper World is the realm of angels, archangels, guides, star races, and ascended beings of light.

Potential Interference…

Each of these worlds contains various gifts yet each also contains potential interferences that need to be cleared. The upper world can contain interfering 4D beings in the astral planes. It can contain ‘negative’ timelines that need to be closed. The middle world contains incarnate beings of various intentions and vibrations. Currently the majority of these beings are not aligned with the light. The middle world potentially contains ‘negative’ projections and dense cords, The lower world contains elementals, nature spirits and ancestors. Some elementals have been harmed by human activity and do not feel kindly towards humanity. All 3D bloodlines tend to contain interfering energies and beings.

In this Transmission…

In this transmission we call on three Archangels and all angels working with them to protect us in each of the three worlds.

Music by…

Chris Collins. The track is called Beyond the Stars.

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  1. Thank you Steve, another great psychic protection track to add to my favourites. Listening to this, I felt the love & generosity of spirit from you as much as the powerful protection from the angels. Your inspiration to record this for us is much appreciated

  2. Lieve Steve, dank je wel voor alle mooie meditaties, ik ben zo blij dat je dit deelt en met al je liefde die ik voel in jouw woorden. Ook deze meditatie is zo belangrijk in deze tijd. xxxxx

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