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Webinar: Channel Your Book. Thursday 5th March 2020. 7.30pm GMT

In this 2-hour webinar you will discover how to work more effectively with Spirit in channelling or downloading your book. Your will learn to work with intention, with opening and balancing the masculine and feminine aspects within you to receive the information from Spirit. You will learn that you are not just a passive receptor, that you are the co-creator with Spirit in this endeavour.

The Old Way of Slog – In the old paradigm writing a book was more about sweat and slog with a dose of inspiration. Nowadays, there are easier ways to write a book which we could describe as channelling or downloading the book your innermost Spirit wants you to write.

The Ancients Knew the Way – Many contemporary artists and writers call upon their use, which was a name the ancient Greeks gave to the different aspects of the Creative Goddess. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Love, Pray spoke about the inner creative genius that we can call on for inspiration in her TED-talk called Your elusive creative genius. In the talk she mentioned that even the ancient Romans knew how to work with spirit. They believed their creative genius, inhabited certain places including their homes and could be invoked for inspiration.

Learning to Download Your Book – Many contemporary spiritual writers have learnt the art of channelling or downloading their books. For instance Neal Donald Walsche wrote a highly successful series of Conversation with God books. Channelling books is not confined only to those embracing spiritual values and practices. For instance, J.K. Rowling first had the idea for Harry Potter while delayed on a train travelling from Manchester to London King’s Cross in 1990. On the train she saw the character Harry Potter get onto the train and sit down. This character from the Spirit world began to inspire her imagination and in time she wrote several highly successful books.

Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Investment: £44


Please Note – This webinar will include exercise and meditations. This webinar will be recorded and the recordings will be made available to all participants shortly after the event.

Steve Ahnael Nobel is the author of six books including a free Ebook called Starseeds. He was the director of Alternatives for 13 years, a not for profit organisation promoting spiritual authors from around thee world. He ran writing retreats for lightworkers before his work with the Soul Matrix brought him on this path.

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  1. I have a question: can this webinar be good also for music or art projects? Or is just about writing a book? Thank you in advance.

  2. Steve, yesterday evening I was having doubt about my book. When I awoke today I called upon Archangel Michael to remove all negative thoughts & doubt. I know my book is going to be very controversial. When doing my morning meditation I received a heart from you on your Hello World Good Morning. Now I am blessed by coming across this free webinar.
    My heavenly family & Jesus Christ are smiling. Thank you, thank you! You are my human spirit guide:-)
    With all my gratitude & love & light,

  3. Hello Steve, I am interested in taking the Channel Your Book workshop but I believe it is taking place on a weekday mid day US time ? I am working on a book now but I will be working my day job at that time. I live in the US north east. Is there a way I can get a recording of the workshop afterwards ?? Or do you offer individual sessions ?? Thank you and blessings for sharing your spiritual work…

  4. Hello Steve, will the Channel Your Book webinar be available afterwards if you are not able to attend when it takes place on March 5th ? Thank you and blessings.

  5. Hi Steve, I’m interested in this topic and experience but will be facilitating a divine feminine retreat (yay!) on 3/5/20. If I pay for the webinar but am not able to attend, I assume I will still be provided with the recording? Many thanks!

  6. Will this be repeated? I work on Thursdays, and I think 7:30 UK time is 1:30 Eastern time in the US. How does 44 pounds equate to US dollars? Looking forward to a time when I can participate!

    1. Hi Steve – I was planning to attend this webinar and so looking forward to it and did not know it could sell out. Is there any way possible to still attend or buy the recording at least? Would be so grateful! Feel that the time for this is now. Thanks! ~Kathleen

  7. This event is “sold out” is there a way I can purchase the recorded version once it is done???

  8. Aum Steve i Will not be able to attend the webinar as I’m teaching at that time but I guess it will be possible to watch later if I buy it. Thanks a lot for your reply and amazing light work transmission. Have a good day. Shanti

  9. So glad you kindly answer all the comments, so many blessings!! Can’t wait till April the 30th! April the 3rd is my birthday !!!…… omggg , I suppose I just needed to get out of my system! Lol.

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